Welcome! I’m Vickie and I’m so grateful you’re here!

I love to cook.  Without revealing my exact age, I’ll tell you that this love affair of mine is over three decades strong.  After earning my master’s degree in Home Economics, I taught classes at the high school and college level.  I also enjoyed several years as an Extension Home Economist for The University of Illinois.  But, my dealings with food and teaching are not limited to the classroom.  Over the years, I had the pleasure of sharing my recipes and knowledge through radio, television and a long running newspaper column entitled “Visit With Vickie.”

Some people collect art and some collect shoes.  I collect recipes and my repertoire is quite extensive.  Many of my recipes were passed down to me by my mother and can be traced back many generations.  My style of cooking is just like my background – Midwestern with a good dose of the South.

I look forward to sharing my recipes with you through this blog and my YouTube videos.  I believe that everyone’s journey thru life is special.  The food I eat and the people with whom I share my meals are some of my favorite special moments.  Please join me on my journey to “Make Life Special” every day!

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