Make a Tiered Buffet Server for Your Holiday Table

Here is another great idea for a buffet server that you can easily make yourself.   This is a tiered buffet server centerpiece on a Holiday Dessert Table at a party I recently attended.  This was  made this with mirrors and hurricanes filled with ornaments!  The candles added so much sparkle!  I LOVE this idea!   I have seen similar items in catalogs for over $300.00 and this is so simple to make.

Start with a piece of mirror for the base.  You can buy these in all shapes and sizes at craft stores.  I like to have several pieces of mirrored glass on my table or buffet to reflect the light and add interest.  As you can see in this photo, the candles are reflected beautifully in the mirrored base.  Next, add hurricane four globes and fill the hurricanes with holiday ornaments.  Top the hurricanes with another piece of mirrored glass.  Set a cake stand on top of this piece of mirrored glass and add desserts to the cake stand and also on the mirror.  Add a smaller cake stand to the top and finish off with a holiday decoration such as this small tinsel  Christmas tree.  

Individual desserts are displayed perfectly on this buffet server.  It is easy for your guests to select the desserts they want.  Just be sure to replenish the buffet server during the party and have plenty of desserts made ahead of time so everyone gets what they want.  Allow at least two to three individual desserts per person at a party.  Some people will only take one but you will find that others may take five or six!  

What are some good ideas for individual desserts?  Brownies, individual puddings, and  chocolates are  just a few suggestions.  You can also buy small individual glass serving pieces to make your dessert buffet really impressive.  Be sure to include small serving spoons on the buffet as well. 

If any of my readers use this idea over the holidays, please send me the pictures so I can feature them.  Happy Holidays!  

Tiered Buffet Server

Now that’s entertaining…..with this gorgeous Tiered Buffet Server by SCM Designs and available at Sam’s Club.  I love to entertain and whenever I have more than 10 people for dinner – I serve the food buffet style.  Whether the occasion is casual or elegant, a buffet is a perfect way to serve your guests.

The scrolled black wrought iron stand holds five stoneware serving dishes that are perfect sizes for serving.  There are two 9 X 13 inch rectangle serving dishes, two smaller rectangle dishes ( 8 X 10 inch ) and one 8 inch round serving dish.    The stoneware serving dishes are dishwasher and microwave safe.  The   wrought iron stand comes apart for easy storage.

I can’t wait to use this buffet server over the Christmas Holidays!  We will have lots of family and friends over to our house throughout this month.  Here are some of the buffet menus I will be using.  Feel free to add your own recipes to customize these menu ideas for you.  Click on the recipes in that are highlighted and you will go right to my recipe with an easy recipe card you can print, how-to photos to show you how to make the dish AND some of the recipes also have a video tutorial you can watch !

Easy Appetizer Buffet Menu

Baked Goat Cheese Marinara with Homemade Crostini  (Double recipe) :  Bake in 9 X 13 dish and put the homemade crostini is one of the 8 X 10 inch dishes.

Vickie’s Mississippi Caviar :  Put this in the other 9 X 13 inch dish and put Fritos Scoops in the other 8 X 10 inch dish.

Vickie’s Cheese Ball:  Put the cheese ball in the 8 inch round dish and surround it with additional crackers.


Easy Lunch Buffet Menu


 Vickie’s Almost Famous Chili OR Vickie’s Chicken Corn Chowder :  Put in one of the 9 X 13 dishes

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (Cut into half diagonally) :  Put sandwiches in the other 9 X 13 dish

Celery Sticks, Baby Carrots, Cauliflower and Broccoli flourettes , grape tomatoes and assorted olives:  Fill both 8 X 10 dishes with the assorted fresh veggies and olives.

 Brownies :  Cut into squares and fill the 8 inch round dish.

 (Put the chili condiments in smaller glass bowls in front of the buffet server)    


Easy Dinner Buffet Menu

Cooker Chops :  Cook in the crockpot and then place chops in one of the 9 X 13 dishes

Cream Cheese Whipped Potatoes  ( Double the recipe) :   Cook in the microwave and put in the other 9 X 13 dish.

Vickie’s Fried Corn:  Put in 8 X 10 dish

Green Beans:  Put in 8 X 10 inch dish

Hot Garlic Bread OR Vickie’s French Onion Drop Biscuits:  Put in the 8 inch round dish



These are just a few suggestions for great buffets using the Adjustable Tiered Server.  This great server is available from Sams Club for $ 39.98. 

Note:  Sam’s Club provided me with a sample of the Adjustable Tiered Server for this review.  No compensation was received.  These are my honest and true opinions.




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