Mimosa Recipe

Make your life special by serving this Mimosa Recipe for a leisurely weekend breakfast…or Brunch…or for a Bridal Shower!  I also love to serve these on Mother’s Day for an extra special treat.    With warm weather just around the corner, I’m sure we will find lots of occasions to enjoy this festive drink!  There are several ideas below that will take your Mimosas over the top.  

You can make these wonderful drinks in less than a minute!  How easy is that!  Just remember to use ice-cold Brut (Dry) Champagne for the perfect Mimosas.  Mimosas are traditionally served in  tall champagne flutes.  Be sure to check out my money saving tips on buying champagne flutes and the wine in my Mimosa Recipe Video. I tell the story about a bridal shower I catered and I learned that you can entertain with class for not much cash!  By using my success secrets, the bridal shower was a huge success and everyone enjoyed Mimosas. 


  • ½ glass dry champagne
  • ½ glass orange juice
  1. Fill champagne flute one half full with champagne.
  2. Fill the rest of the way with orange juice.

Here are some “Make Life Special” extras that will take your Mimosas over the top!

  • Add a splash of Triple Sec to the mimosa
  • Add a whole fresh strawberry ( stem and all) to the flute before adding the champagne and orange juice
  • Cut a slit in a fresh whole strawberry and garnish the rim of the flute with it
  • Rinse and chill champagne flutes in the freezer to frost the glasses 
  • Be sure to use a dry champagne


Video: Mimosa Recipe

I love to serve this Mimosa recipe for a leisurely weekend breakfast…for brunch…or for a bridal shower. Let’s Make Life Special !

Remember, “Let’s Make Life Special by sharing great food with our family and friends!  Enjoy!”

Chocolate Martini Recipe

Vickie with ChocolatRouge

Chocolate Martini Recipe That’s Perfect For Easy Entertaining

Just open and pour this Chocolate Martini !

Drink recipes are all the rage.  Here is the perfect “adult” chocolate martini recipe and all you have to do is open and pour!  I love the Milk Chocolate ChocolatRouge and I’ve made a ChocolatRouge -A-Tini that’s perfect for your New Years celebration!  All three of the ChocolatRouge wines are really red wine with chocolate.  I’m featuring the Milk ChocolatRouge in this recipe for a great Milk Chocolate Martini recipe.  The Milk ChocolatRouge is cream infused with Barbara wine and natural rich chocolate flavors which make this the perfect ingredient for my ChocolatRouge-A-Tini Martini recipe.

ChocolatRouge-A-Tini...... Deliciously Different Martini Recipe
  • Milk Chocolate ChocolatRouge
  • Marshmallow Creme
  • Milk Chocolate pieces
  1. Rim the martini glass in Marshmallow Creme.
  2. Blend the milk chocolate in a food processor to process into small bits.
  3. Dip the marshmallow rimmed martini glass into the chocolate bits.
  4. Pour in the well chilled Milk Chocolate ChocolatRouge wine and ENJOY!!

ChocolatRouge A-Tini Drink


ChocolatRouge -A-Tini Ingredients


 Process the milk chocolate into fine bits.

Chop chocolate


Rim the martini glass in the Marshmallow Creme and then in the chocolate bits.

Rim Martini Glass with Marshmallow Creme


Rim Martini Glass in Chocolate


Pour in the well chilled Milk Chocolate ChocolatRouge and ENJOY!

ChocolatRouge A-Tini 

The ChocolatRouge Sweet Red is a soft, velvety  combination of Pinot Noir, Malbec, Syrah and natural rich chocolate flavors blended in a sweeter style for those with a sweet tooth.  Sweet Red is best when served at room temperature.

The newest of the three is Dark Red ChocolatRouge.  This is full-bodied of Pinot Noir, Malbec and those great chocolate flavors.  Dark Red is also best served at room temperature.  

For more information on ChocolatRouge – including lots of additional cocktail ideas – visit  www.ChocolatRougeWine.com 



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