Duke’s Beach House Restaurant Review

From start to finish, my dinner at Duke’s Beach House in Maui was absolutely wonderful!  The staff was very friendly and prompt, the food was delicious and priced reasonably and the atmosphere was delightful. It was an easy walk down the beachfront boardwalk from my hotel to Duke’s.  Duke’s Beach House Restaurant is located oceanfront so I enjoyed another beautiful Maui Sunset while dining.  The restaurant was a casual and comfortable dining experience.  Duke’s has both inside and outside dining – and both areas were packed the night I was there.  I chose the outside dining and was given a table with a beautiful view of the sunset – something Maui is so famous for.

The front of the menu …..


This was the view from my table….

I selected the Seafood Rissoto for my entree.  This was a delicious blend of rissoto, scallops, shrimp, lobster and white fish, with mushrooms and spinach. This was fantastic!

While I was dining, the Hawaiian music played softly throughout the restaurant.

I was told that Duke’s is famous for their Hula Pie so I HAD to try it!

Hula Pie has a chocolate crust with a mound of Macadamia Ice Cream, topped with a chocolate espresso syrup and whipped cream.  This was heavenly for an ice cream lover!

 I ended the evening with a short walk back down the boardwalk to my hotel, content with my dinner selection for the evening.

 This was my honest opinion of this restaurant, the staff , the food and the overall dining experience.



Crab Cake Lunch on Kaanapali Beach

What could be better than a crab cake lunch on Kaanapali Beach?

Next week I will feature my Crab Cake recipe with the trick I use to keep the crab cakes from falling apart when I cook them.  Crab cakes are really very easy to make and you can either use fresh crab or canned crab.  My recipe uses canned crab since it’s not always easy to buy fresh crab.   

Here are the wonderful crab cakes I had for lunch on Kaanapali Beach.  I like how they served them on wilted fresh spinach and I’ll be using that same idea when I feature my Crab Cake recipe next week.  I also liked the grilled lemon half as an extra nice touch…

Here are some pictures of my beautiful walk along Kaanapali Beach….


I think a trip to Maui is really a trip of a lifetime!  The beauty is abundant.  Walks along the pristine beaches are invigorating and there is so much to enjoy in the nature around us.  Kaanapali Beach has a lot to offer in not only beauty but also things to do.  You can stay busy every minute if you want to.  The Westin has scenic helicopter tours, hiking trips, shopping tours plus much more.   I have decided not to do a lot of the tours and activities.  I just want to soak up some relaxation while I am here.  

Remember — Let’s make life special by sharing great food with our family and friends!

Wine Tasting Pulehu Grill While Dining in Maui

Dining in Maui can be an adventure!

There are so many choices when dining in Maui.  Maui has so much to offer for any vacation.   I love wine and participated in a Wine Class at Pulehu Italian Grill in Maui last night.  The class was billed as “Monday Mixology” but I was thrilled to learn that James Hansen, General Manager of Pulehu, was just featuring wine last night.    I enjoyed a food pairing – presented by Chef Wesley Holder- along with insightful facts about wine presented by Jim.

I learned some interesting facts about wine.  For instance…..

* How many grapes does it take to make a bottle of wine?

  (Answer:  400 to 600 grapes) 

* What is the proper way to hold a wine glass?

(Answer:  Always by the stem)

* What percentage of the total California wine does Napa produce?  ( We all guessed over 80%)

 (Answer:  About 5 %)

* How much of the California wine is exported to other countries?  ( We all said not much because we are all doing our part to drink it!!)      

 (Answer:  90%)

Jim, who seems to escape my camera, introduced our happy tasting group to three wonderful wines.

The first ( which is now one of my favorites) was:

Orin Swift’s “The Prisoner”

This is a big, bold and satisfying Zinfandel blend from California  was a real crowd pleaser!

Next we enjoyed Tikal Amorio, a Malbec from Mendoza Argentina.  This wine, produced by Ernesto Catena is named Amorio, or “Love Affair” to convey the deep love the Argentine people have toward the Malbec grape.

 Lastly, Jim presented:

Montes Purple Angel

A Carmenere blend from Chile, South America.  This wine was full bodied with a combination of dark fruit flavors and some lively hints of spice.  I especially enjoyed this wine because I toured the Montes Winery in Chile about 7 years ago and fell in love with the wine and the people.

Chef Wes prepared a beautiful pairing for the tasting made from purple Okinawan sweet potatoes.

The evening was delightful , very informative, and reasonably priced.  It was a great way to meet new people who share my passion for wine and great food.

  This is  my honest review of the wine tasting offered at Pulehu Italian Restaurant in Maui. 


Aloha from Maui

Aloha from the beautiful island of Maui!  I arrived at the The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas late last night after a long day ( 14 1/2 hours) of traveling.   Yesterday included two layovers and one lost piece of luggage but I arrived ready to enjoy the peace and beauty of this wonderful island.   

My morning began at 5:30 A.M. with a stunning 2 hour walk on the beach complete with the surprise viewing of two different rainbows..  

This was a gentle reminder that life is full of promise and where there is love….there is hope.

The black rocks on the beach will be my new collection…( I remember the movie “Something’s Gotta Give” )….

Then came my stop at Ocean’s Grill for breakfast.  The breakfast buffet came complete with Egg’s Benedict ( my favorite) and I added a Mimosa!!!  Next week I plan on featuring my recipe for Eggs Benedict for a Crowd that is EASY, EASY, EASY…and so good!  I’ll also feature a recipe for Mimosa’s and show you how to set up a Mimosa Bar for parties or brunch buffets.


Eggs Benedict…..





They also featured a beautiful buffet of Pineapple Portuguese Sausage….

Fresh Papaya with bright green wedges of fresh limes……

And a Cheese and Salmon Tray…

I have several ideas for next week’s posts including the Eggs Benedict for a Crowd, Mimosas and a make ahead Fresh Fruit and Greek Yogurt Bowl…..


My walk back was spectacular…..

Here’s to a great week of sharing new food ideas with you from the paradise of Maui!


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