VitaTops Carrot Cake Is a Healthy and Tasty Snack!

VitaTops are yummy and low calorie!

We tried a box of the VitaTops Carrot Cakes.  Now, we all know that the muffin tops are the best part of a muffin!  The great folks at VitaTops know that too and they have created lighter versions of almost every muffin you could crave.  


VitaTops carrot Cake

Are you trying to lose weight but you still have a sweet tooth?  

Want to have your cake and eat it too?

Are you looking for a sweet and delicious snack that isn’t packed with calories?

Don’t let your cravings side track you from your goal!

Vitalicious can help you make your resolution of losing weight a reality.  Vitalicious has introduced alternatives to your favorite comfort foods so you can enjoy what you love without all of the guilt.

Each VitaTop  Carrot Cake has 100 calories and is packed with nutrition.

How is this for the line-up?

All Natural

High Fiber

Low Fat

15 Vitamins and Minerals

4 grams Protein

Their slogan is ”  Minimum calories for Maximum Nutrition and Pleasure”

VitaTops Nutrition Facts  

I liked several things about VitaTops! 

  • First, the Vitamins, Protein and Fiber numbers are impressive because of the Nutrition Facts above.  If you are going to eat a snack, VitaTops certainly offer you a guilt free option. 
  • They are amazingly filling.  I  enjoyed them for breakfast with yogurt and I was satisfied until lunchtime.  
  • They are convenient to carry and eat on the run.  You can easily pop the VitaTops into your purse, briefcase or bag and they can be just what you need to satisfy that mid-day urge for sweets.
  • The VitaTops Carrot Cakes tasted very good. I preferred them toasted and they are delicious with fat-free cream cheese spread on them.  I enjoyed them with yogurt and even made a yogurt parfait with them. 

Vitalicious offers VitaTops ( which I tried) , VitaBrownies, VitaCakes and VitaMuffins.  Check out their website for all the great information about the Vitalicious products: Vitalicious Website

Where can you buy these?

You can find VitaTops in the freezer section of your grocery store or order online.

I’m just wondering….Have you tried these yet?   What are your favorites?

I received a box of VitaTops Carrot Cake to review for this post and I did not receive compensation for this post.  These are my true and honest opinions.

Simply Potatoes Review and Giveaway

Simply Potatoes

This giveaway is now closed

Make Life Special is all about recipes that are quick and simple to make with ingredients that are readily available.  I was asked to review “Simply Potatoes”  and I can wholeheartedly recommend this product.  Simply Potatoes can “Simply-fy” potato dishes by eliminating the hassle of peeling, boiling, slicing and dicing, while still giving you the potato dishes you love!  Simply Potatoes are made from fresh, never frozen potatoes.  So, that means you also don’t have the extra step of thawing them when using them in a recipe such as Vickie’s Hearty Breakfast Skillet.

I used the Simply Potatoes O’Brien Hash Browns in my  Hearty Breakfast Skillet.

Vickie's Hearty Breakfast Skillet 2

Simply Potatoes has a great website with lots of recipes….and they have a contest going on right now for a year’s supply of Simply Potatoes.  Simply Potatoes Website.

Simply Potatoes come in a wide variety of options —  Mashed Potatoes:  Traditional, Country Style, Garlic, Sour Cream and Chive and Sweet Potatoes.  Cut Potatoes:  Shredded Hash Browns, Southwest Style Hash Browns, Diced Potatoes with Onions, Home Style Slices, Red Potato Wedges, Rosemary and Garlic Red Potato Wedges and O’Brien Style.   

Would you like to win a coupon so you can try Simply Potatoes?

Giveaway ends  Sunday Feb 3, 2013 at 8:00 PM CST.

Winner responsible for emailing us shipping information.

Want to win?  You can enter as many times as you wish.

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Note:  I received two coupons from Simply Potatoes to use for this review.  No compensation was received.  Simply Potatoes is sponsoring this giveaway.

Simply Potatoes

Simply Potatoes





Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

ZOKU Quick Pop Maker


I have to admit — I am still a kid at heart!  I can’t tell you how I lit up when I received the Zoku Quick Pop Maker to review.  Remember when you were growing up and your Mom would make homemade popsicles ?  I loved those — especially during the summer.  Now, Zoku has taken that idea and made it even better.  With the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, you don’t have to wait forever for the pops to freeze.  You can make frozen pops in about 9 minutes — that’s quick enough to satisfy any kid ( or kid at heart!).

How Does this Work?

The Zoku has a hard-plastic base that is filled with the same kind of liquid that is found in the ice cream makers that you store in the freezer.  When the Zoku is stored in the freezer, that liquid freezes super cold and it will then freeze the pops.  The base has 3 individual wells so you can freeze three pops at a time.  The base stays cold enough to freeze about three batches of pops .  The Zoku comes complete with plastic popsicle sticks and a little tool that helps you remove the frozen pops from the machine ( it’s called a Super Tool ) and it works well.

What I Like About the Zoku Quick Pop Maker

There are several things that I really like about the Zoku Quick Pop Maker.  

  • It is quick and easy to use
  • It is a fun activity to do with your kids or grand kids.  Simple things like this make lasting memories
  • You can make healthy snacks with this by using fruit juice
  • There are endless possibilities of flavors and combinations for your quick pops
  • The Quick Pop maker uses no electricity – just store it in your freezer until you are ready to use it

Where Can You Buy This Fun Item?

Williams Sonoma:  

Bed Bath and Beyond:



It retails for around $ 49.00.  You can check out additional information at their website:  .  They also have a video so you can watch the Zoku Quick Pop Maker in action. 

Zoku Quick Pops



Note:  I received a Zoku Quick Pop Maker to use for this review.  No compensation was received.  The opinions are my honest opinions.

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