5 Sparrows Chocolate, Frappe and Chai Drink Mixes

5 Sparrows:

 Chocolate, Frappe & Chai


Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  14+




            I’m a huge coffee drinker.  I love it.  I also love to indulge in “frou-frou coffee,” chai teas and, in the winter, a good hot chocolate really hits the spot.   Being a busy mom, I don’t get the luxury of going to coffee shops and reading books for hours on end.  I’ve been doing a lot of drive thru coffee/hot chocolate purchases.  But, if I’m not getting the coffee house experience, why should I pay coffeehouse prices? 


            Enter 5 Sparrows.  This mix drink is really quite excellent on the taste front.  I usually do not like sugar free beverages – these are the exception to that rule.  Here is the run down on the flavors:

  • The Sugar Free Spice Chai is just as good as any chai you can buy at a coffee shop.  It has the big, bold flavor that you expect from a chai without the sting to your pocket book. 
  • The Sugar Free White Chocolate was my favorite.  It is creamy chocolate goodness in a cup.  You can add coffee/espresso to it to make the mix into a mocha, I didn’t. 
  • The Sugar Free House Chocolate on the other hand, made an excellent mocha.  It was decadent.  It was creamy.  It combined two of my favorite things – chocolate and coffee.  And, it was made in my kitchen while my son rolled around the floor on his new ride on tractor. 
  • The Sugar Free Snow Ghost Frappe mix can be used to make a coffee-free treat, a coffee frappe, a smoothie or a protein shake.  Seeing as how my son is not old enough to appreciate it, I decided to make this into a coffee frappe (remember, I love coffee!).  Even though it is cold outside, this cold drink was really delightful.  The flavor is rich and the mix paired very well with coffee.  I think I prefer this over the frappes I’ve been buying at local coffee shops. 


I think that these drink mixes would be an awesome gift for anyone on your shopping list that is diabetic or watching their calories.  College students on your list would love to have a bag of this in their dorm or apartment (who wouldn’t like great tasting coffee without the expense or hassle of leaving your home?).  Busy moms will love this – trust me.  But, you could pair a bag of this with a nice mug and gift it to just about anyone.  I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t like hot chocolate.  If they have a dairy allergy, they can make this with almond or rice milk because these mixes are dairy and gluten free! 


Where to Buy


            You can shop their entire selection (sugar-free and regular) at 5SparrowsBrand.com.  


            If you live in Montana, you can buy locally from one of these Retailers



Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  ­­5 Sparrows supplied me with one sample pack each of their Sugar Free House Chocolate, Sugar Free White Chocolate, Sugar Free Monumental Spiced Chai and Sugar Free Snow Ghost Frappe  for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.

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