Core Bamboo Cutting Board

My Core Bamboo Cutting Board is one of the favorite things in my kitchen.  I fell in love with it the minute I saw it in the store and I knew I HAD to have it!  I think it is absolutely beautiful!  Now, I can tell you I have other cutting boards in my kitchen – but this is the one I ALWAYS use.  You can check out any of my blog posts or YouTube videos and you can see this great little board in action.

You can watch the Make Life Special Video Review here:  Core Bamboo Cutting Board  Video Review

I bought this Core Bamboo cutting board for three reasons.  

  1. I thought it was a beautiful piece to add to my kitchen.  The lines are perfect and the bamboo has such a great feel to it.  
  2. I have a knife set that I also love and I have always heard that Bamboo is a very knife friendly surface.  
  3. It is so attractive, I thought it would also make a great board for a cheese tray
After I bought my cutting board, I began reading more about Bamboo.  Bamboo is one of the most remarkable resources on Earth.  As a member of the grass family, not a tree, it grows at a much quicker rate than any other wood.  From start to harvest ( 60 to 70 feet tall) it can take just four years.  Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, therefore stopping bacteria from growing.  It is also one of the strongest yet lightest  materials around.  What is probably most remarkable is its unique extensive root system.  When bamboo is harvested its natural root system spreads and automatically regenerates itself.

After use, just hand wash the Core Bamboo cutting board in warm soapy water and wipe dry. It’s that easy! If your bamboo cutting board ever starts to look tired – just give it a light coat of food safe mineral oil and it will look good as new.  

My cutting board is from the Core Bamboo Pansy Collection and retails for $ 30.00.  That makes it a great holiday gift or hostess gift.  Any cook would be thrilled to receive one of these cutting boards.  

I bought my Core Bamboo cutting board in a department store but you can also purchase them online – direct from Core Bamboo.  Click here to check out all of their products:  Core Bamboo Online   They are currently offering free shipping on orders over $ 50.00.

Note:  I received one Core Bamboo cutting board sample for this review.  No compensation was received.  These are my true and honest opinions.  


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