Farmer Market Fun For Us!

Farmer Market Fun!!!!   I’m spending a couple of days in Sioux City Iowa visiting my daughter  Nicole, son-in-law Luke, and grandson Teddy.  We were on our way to the pool this morning and decided to stop by the local Farmer Market to check out the fresh produce and special items the vendors had to offer.  

We loved the Loess Hills Honey and were able to meet the owner Mike Divis ( who is pictured with Vickie and Teddy).  The Loess Hills Hoeny is a mild, light amber honey that is as unique as the hills that produce it.

Teddy and Nana enjoyed the outing.


In addition to the honey, honey butter  and creamed honey the Farmer Market offered many fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, onions, peppers, potatoes, sweet corn, and tomatoes.  There were many fresh fruits available too.  The farmer market is a fun place to go because you never know what they will have to offer the day you are there.  We found lots of fresh herb plants and tomato plants for the garden.  All of the vendors are more than willing to talk to you about their wares and offer suggestions for using them.  The Loess Hills Honey also offered tastings of their different varieties of honey.  I like being able to taste before you buy and the farmer market is a great place to do just that.  It’s also interesting to learn more about honey and all of the different varieties and flavors. There are actually more than 300 different varieties of honey in the United States and they all vary in color and taste.  

The Farmer Market is also a great place to take kids.  It’s fun for them to meet the people who grow the produce or make the products such as honey.  A trip to the farmer market is much more than a trip to the grocery store….It’s an adventure!

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