How to Thaw Fish Quickly

Do you have questions about how to thaw fish quickly?

Frozen fish fillets are convenient and economical but thawing fish quickly can be a problem. How can you quickly thaw the fillets to use in your recipes? Most of the packages suggest thawing the fillets overnight in the refrigerator. But if you are like me, I often need to quickly thaw the fillets. Here is my success secret:

Thaw Fish Quickly

Place the sealed individually wrapped frozen fillets into a large bowl of cold water. The fillets will safely thaw in about 30 minutes. For even faster defrosting, you can place the bowl under cold running water. The fillets will thaw in about 10 minutes under the running water.

Thaw Fish Quickly

You can use this method of thawing fish fillets when you make my Baked Tilapia or my Fabulous Fish recipes! Both of these recipes cook in about 30 minutes are are great recipes to use to incorporate more fish in your weekly meal plans!

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