World Vision – The Gift That Keeps Giving

World Vision gets down to business with the true spirit of Christmas.  We all love giving gifts ( and getting them).  But, my Dad taught me a lesson about giving many years ago.  I still remember it to this day and I’d like to share it with you.

I was not raised with money.  In fact, far from it.  But I was fortunate to have an abundance of love in my family and all of my basic needs were met.  One year, when I was in grade school, our teacher decided to teach the class how to knit.  She sent us home with a list of supplies we were to bring to school the next day — knitting needles, yarn, etc.  Dad took me to the store that night to buy my supplies.  As we were standing in front of the knitting supplies, Dad asked me about a little girl in my class that I had been telling him about who really lived in poverty. Her name was Beth and Dad asked if I thought she would be able to afford her own yarn and knitting needles.  I told him that I doubted it.  Then my Dad did a very nice thing.  He put two sets of knitting needles and two bundles of yarn in our basket.  As we checked out, I realized that the added cost for my supplies alone was probably a stretch for us, but buying the extra supplies for Beth was really generous.  Then Dad told me that I was to give Beth’s supplies to the teacher and I was to never tell anyone in the class that the supplies had come from us.  He said you should never brag when you do something nice for someone else.  That experience taught me an important lesson about giving.  I will never forget the expression on Beth’s face when the teacher handed her the knitting supplies.  

And now this brings me to World Vision.  What better time of year to give an unselfish gift than the holidays.  There are so many people all over the world who are less fortunate than us.  Many people are starving and World Vision offers all of us the chance to give a gift that can change a life forever.

The World Vision Catalog is quite unique.  You can view the catalog here:  World Vision Christmas Catalog.  On page 3 for instance, you can donate $75 a give a goat that will save a child’s life with milk, cheese and even fertilizer for their garden.  You can see how goats are saving families at  .   On page 5, you can give hungry children the gift of 2 chickens for $ 25 and this gift will supply them with a daily supply of eggs.  Chickens are easy to breed — so your gift will grow and multiply to share with neighbors and ultimately make life better for the whole village.

The catalog offers lots of choices in lots of price ranges.  You can give sheep, ducks,  a family fishing kit, pigs, fruit trees and the list goes on.  For a gift of between $ 35 and $ 140 you can send a girl to school.  Most girls in developing countries don’t finish primary school.  Most have to go to work or stay home and care for siblings, but World Vision can change that.  

You can select a gift to give in the name of a friend, relative or co-worker.  Your friend or co-worker will then receive a personalized card that features a photo and description of your special gift.  You can also send e-cards or print your own card.  Either way, this alternative gift idea is sure to touch everyone on your holiday list and bring back the true spirit of Christmas.

So, I hope you will take a look at some of these alternative gift ideas which will honor the recipient and create a lasting impact for people in need.

World Vision supplied me with a sample of the coffee set to use in this Holiday Gift Guide review.  No compensation was received.  These are my true and honest opinions.



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