Try This Quick Entertaining Idea!

Here is a Make Life Special Success Secret for a Quick Entertaining Idea!

Think you don’t have time to entertain?  Well here is a quick tip for turning ordinary pasta into company fare.

You can make a simple pasta dish — like my Italian Penne Pasta Bake and then serve it up in individual casserole dishes.  This is an easy and impressive way to serve a simple dish.

Italian Penne Pasta in Individual Casserole with Lid

Individual casserole dishes don’t have to be expensive.  I like to scout our bargains at stores such as T J  Maxx , Family Dollar Stores, etc.  The casserole dishes pictured above were from HomeGoods.

Just bake the Italian Penne Pasta in the 9 X 13 casserole dish as directed. When you are ready to serve your guests, scoop out the pasta into the individual casseroles and place on a serving plate.  Add hot crusty bread and a salad and you have an easy meal for entertaining!  And…with a menu like this, you will be able to enjoy your guests and not be frazzled with dinner preparations.

Learning how to entertain successfully can be very rewarding!  I love to have friends gather in my kitchen for a simple but delicious meal and watch the conversation and laughter evolve during the evening.  These moments with friends and family have been the heart of my life so I always welcome the opportunity to help others gain the knowledge and confidence they need to entertain easily in their home. 

Here are Some Tips I’ve Learned Along The Way:

  1. Select recipes that you have made before and that can be done mostly ahead of time and then “finished” at the last minute.
  2. Have a plan with a schedule of what needs to be done to complete the meal on time.  Be sure to allow time to clean your kitchen along the way so your kitchen isn’t a disaster when your guests arrive.  I like to actually start a dinner party in my kitchen with drinks and appetizers.  This seems to get the party off to a casual start and puts everyone at ease.  
  3. Don’t lose sight of “WHY” you are entertaining!  Plan a menu that will be easy for you to accomplish and will allow you to enjoy the evening as much as your guests!
  4. Set a beautiful table!  Make your guest feel like royalty when they sit down for the meal.  Again, you don’t have to spend tons of money to accomplish this. All of the stores mentioned earlier in this post all offer inexpensive glassware, dinnerware and accessories to help make your table look fabulous!  

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Remember….”Let’s make life special by sharing great food with our family and friends!  Enjoy!”



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