13 Stocking Stuffers

13 Stocking Stuffers

Reviewed by:  Nicole

Note:  All products in this post were submitted to Make Life Special for review by the respective company, or its affiliates.  No other compensation was received.  The reviews in this post are honest and my own.

Since it is Friday the 13th, in the year 2013, and since I am feeling the crunch to round out my stockings, I thought I would share with you my favorite stocking stuffer ideas for this holiday season.  In no particular order, here are some of my favorites:

Andru Charger Opened1) The Andru Charger –  I have a lot of device chargers.  I did not have a single one that brought a smile to my face until I met this little guy!  I’m absolutely in love with him.  He sits on my desk and waves at me.  If I get in a serious mood, I can change his arms to both be down.  If I get upset or stressed out, I can position both his arms above his head.  Suddenly I am not the only one freaking out and it all seems better.  When he is being used, his eyes are blue when charging and white while on standby.  It’s nice to be able to know when my Kindle is charged without having to open it.  When not in use, I store the cord in my desk and Andru sits on my desk.  I think he’s too cute to go in a drawer, and I think your loved one will agree!  Priced at $25, you can buy it at GEN!


Whisky Stones2) Soapstone Savor Stones – My husband is a fan of whisky and other fine liquors.  He has been wanting a set of soapstone “ice cubes” for a long time.  These lived up to the anticipation!  Once placed in the freezer, they got cold very quickly and were quite effective at chilling down a glass of bourbon or scotch.  But, unlike actual ice, these stones do not water down the liquor.  Not to mention the fact that they look really nice in a Glencairn glass.  You could easily combo these with a set of glasses, an ice bucket with tongs, and a nice liquor.  Or, you could easily give these as a stocking stuffer.  These Soapstone Savor Stones, MRSP $20,  can be bought at CorkPops.com.



Sock Balls3) Ball Socks –  I’m a fan of cute gifts.  I’m also a fan of socks.  These fit both bills.  They are cute enough to easily be a nice stocking stuffer for the teen or funky sock lover in your household.  They are also practical.  I’ve been wearing mine at my desk, next to a draft sunroom door, and have been quite happy with how warm they have kept my feet.   Priced at $12, you can order yours at 25ToGo .





Stress Rocks4) Stress Rocks –  Life is full of stress.  We go thru the day to day activities of our lives and encounter stress.  Most of us bring stress back into our home.  Too Many Rocks in your Pocket was designed to help make us more aware of the stress we face on a daily basis and as a vehicle to help end the day by relieving those stresses for the night. Stress Rocks are available in General, Business, and Student.  When one of the stresses from your bag occurs select the appropriate rock, put a rock in your pocket (purse, backpack or in a spot that makes the weight noticeable). At the end of the day “empty the rocks out”, this is a step in wiping the slate clean of the variety of issues that have taken up a stressful space in your life.  I’ve found them helpful in my life.  Having to physically put a rock in my purse makes me very aware of my mental state.  And, as I empty them from my purse, it gives me an opportunity to deal with the stress and resolve it as best I can before I go to bed.  I think these would also be excellent as a talking point at the dinner table with the family.  Priced at $29.95 per set, you can purchase Stress Rocks at Too Many Rocks in My Pocket.


Organsi Air Opened5) Oransi Fridge Air Purifier –  Admit it, you’ve had a stinky fridge before.  Or, you know someone who has.  I’ve tried to keep baking soda in mine, but I always forget to change it out.  Or, my toddler finds it and I wind up with baking soda all over the floor.  He really likes to dump things.  The Oransi Fridge Air Purifier runs on batteries (it even flashes at you to remind you to change them) and is quiet.  Specifically, the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier is silent.  No hum, no whir, no noise to spark the curiosity of my toddler.  That’s huge for me.  And, it works great!  I’ve had a wide variety of foods in my fridge since I started testing this item.  Thanksgiving leftovers, pies, gravy, various raw meats (one I forgot about and… uh, found later) have all been in my fridge and none have stunk up it up.  I might have found that pound of raw beef sooner had this not worked so well!  I recommend this for anyone who has a fridge and cooks.  I also think this would be great for college students away from home.  I remember my fridge from that time of my life….    For $29, the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier can be purchased at Oransi.




Snug6) Thinkhat Snug’s —  I’m one to have many pots cooking at one time.  I like to cook in bulk and I like to make a variety of foods.  My spoon rest isn’t big enough.  And, depending on the day, it might already be dirty from another dish I made.  The idea that I could rest my spoon on my pot is genius.  Snug’s prevent your plastic spatula from melting, the wooden one from scorching, and keep the metal utensils cool.  I also like that they can be used to keep a lid propped up.  They come in two sizes.  The small ones fit my wooden spoons and the larger ones fit my plastic and metal utensils.  I think they make awesome stocking stuffers and hope my husband gets me a few more!  Price varies by quantity.  You can purchase them directly from Thinkhat  or shop at  Amazon.


Spritz  Sprays7)  Spritz Blitz –  As a mom on the go, I’ve encountered a lot of… ick.  Pacifiers dropped on grocery store floors, fruit that I have no idea if it has been washed, door handles and shopping carts in flu season, sitting next to the “sick guy” on the metro.  Been there.  Done that.  Since I’ve discovered Spritz Blitz, I have found myself worrying less and being prepared more.  My son dropped a bottle at the grocery store, the mouth piece touched the floor, and I had a Spritz Blitz in my purse to easily clean it without a trip to the bathroom.  Available in many varieties (Binky, Hand, Yoga, Fruit, Travel, and Sports), there is at least one for everyone.  I like that they are all natural, safe if swallowed, alcohol free, have no added sugar, are non-toxic and BPA free.  Priced at $6 for one with discounts available for pairs or trios, you can purchase yours at SpritzBlitz.


Beauty Bursts8) Beauty Bursts by NeoCell – Most women that I know are always looking for ways to maintain their youthful appearance.  The older I have gotten, the more I find myself in this category.  My list of daily supplements has increased from the occasional general vitamin to a pill box that I reload every week.  NeoCell has created a fantastic product.  Available in Chocolate Mint and Fruit Punch , Beauty Burts deliver high absorption beauty nutrients in gourmet soft chews (they recommend you take 2 per day).  Collagen Type 1 & 3 is the body’s beauty protein & strengthens skin, hair & nails.  Hyaluronic Acid is known as “Nature’s Moisturizer” & hydrates the skin.  Vitamin C is essential to boosting collagen in the skin.  Together, these three beauty nutrients work together in Beauty Burts to build beautiful skin from the inside out.  Available at GNC, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Vitamin Shoppe and many other Retailers.   They are also available for purchase thru Amazon.


Cup Pilot in Action9) Cup Pilot –  I wish I had this a few months ago.  Traveling is tough and I never seem to have enough hands.  Once I make it thru airport security, I always grab a coffee.  But, with a toddler, a carryon, a personal item, a stroller and the car seat that I gate check…. Well, I tend to run out of hands quickly.  I love that the Cup Pilot can attach onto one of my bags so I can enjoy my coffee while making sure my son doesn’t wander too far. The Cup Pilot can also be used on board the plane.  No longer do you have  to keep the tray table down to keep your drink out of your hands.. the Cup Pilot will attach to the pocket of the seat in front of you.  I have also used this in my car.  It hangs nicely from my air vent and allows me to charge my phone in my cup holder without fear of spilling a beverage on it.  And, it folds flat and has its own storage bag.  When I am done using it, I can slip it in my purse.  Priced at $19.95, you can purchase this hand saver at Cup Pilot.





smart Scissors10) Smart Scissors – I’ve been looking for a new pair of work scissors.  A pair of scissors that will take anything I throw at it.  I was tired of trying to hack into tough plastic containers and having to use steak knives to do a job better suited for scissors.  The Smart Scissors were a great solution for my household.  I cut a brilo pad in half with zero effort.  I’ve opened countless toys and boxes without stress…. or blood (I’m klutzy with knives).  I feel as if these scissors need an infomercial…I haven’t seen that on TV, but I did find this YouTube Video.   And, you can use them for much more than cutting… like, crushing garlic, opening bottles, opening nuts, stripping wire, etc.  I really like multi-purpose items!  This is the ideal gift for the home chef, crafter, or handyman on any shopping list this season.  They MSRP for $24 at www.AnySharp.com


Green & Lean11) Pure Health Nature’s Green & Lean:  Pure Health Nature’s Green & Lean tea delivers a powerful double whammy – combininggreen tea leaves, known across Asia for their wealth of antioxidants, with pure, raw Green Coffee Bean containing Chlorogenic Acids. This delicious new tea packs thousands of years of ancient Eastern herbal tradition with an amazing new superfood discovery into one convenient tea bag. In addition, Pure Health has added a lovely blend of warming spices, including anise, ginger and cinnamon, to create a robust, rich flavored tea. Naturally low in caffeine and sweetened with a hint of Stevia, Nature’s Green & Lean can be enjoyed anytime of the year – hot or iced. For healthy weight management and natural energy throughout the day, this new tea is an excellent choice. For best results, Nature’s Green & Lean should be enjoyed about 30 minutes before each meal.  For $9.99 you can purchase thru Pure Health.   





Spin n Store12) Spin ‘N Store – I love a good salad.  I HATE using my salad spinner.  One, it’s bulky to store and I don’t have a lot of storage space. And, two, mine is not a high quality salad spinner and I have to crank it, instead of pushing a button, which makes it difficult to hold onto.  When I used the Spin ‘N Store, I was impressed by its simplicity.  Rinse lettuce, put wet lettuce in Spin ‘N Store, spin, drain, store.  I was worried that draining the bag would be an ordeal.  But, you just tip the bag and let the water run out through the built in drain.  Simple.  I recommend this item as a gift for anyone who is short on storage space.  I think college students, city apartment dwellers, and people who already have a million and 12 small appliances would benefit from the Spin ‘N Store.  Oh, and after you are done with your lettuce, you can rinse out the bag and reuse the Spin ‘N Store.  At a MSRP $12.95 for 12 reusable bags, you can purchase directly from Argee Corp.  Or, you can purchase thru Amazon.




Fireplace DVD13) Straight from the Hearth Fireplace DVD — Straight from the Hearth is a 60 minute video of a beautiful fire in a fireplace. It sets your screen ablaze with dancing flames and crackling logs.  I have a non functioning fireplace.  It has candles in it, but it doesn’t give the same vibe as a nice lit fire… with logs and the snap, crackle, pop that comes with them.  I’ve enjoyed this DVD far more than I thought I would.  It’s perfect for snuggling on the sofa with a cup of tea or cocoa.  For the person who has everything…except a fireplace… I recommend this DVD for the holiday.  Selling for $5.95, it can be purchased at McIncShop.com

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