Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons Contest Closed

As all of my blog and YouTube followers know, I always use my heart shaped measuring spoons!  I absolutely LOVE them!  

Make Life Special is all about getting friends and family back into the kitchen…for great food, great times, great conversation.  Our kitchens are meant to be enjoyed and shared with those we love.  Most of my memorable moments in life center around sharing great food with family and friends.  

Would you like to win a “Love Beyond Measure” Heart Shaped Measuring Spoon Set?

 (1 winner)

Giveaway ends Tuesday October 16 at 8pm CST

 Winner chosen by Random.org

Winner must check back on Wednesday after the giveaway to see if they are the winner, and send us an e mail with your name and mailing address.

Want to win?

You may do one or all of the tasks – every task completed counts as an entry.  Note:  You must enter a comment at the end of this post ( In the Speak Your Mind Box )  for every task you complete. After you enter your comment in the box, just hit the post comment button and you are entered!  Each task completed and Speak Your Mind  comment entered counts as one entry.

Good Luck!!

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  1. I love to cook in the kitchen with my children. My kids enjoy learning and I want them to be able to cook healthy delicious recipes as they get older..We love to experiment with different kinds of pastas and sauces..

  2. I love to cook surrounded by family and friends. It is much more than just the food, it is sharing the experience with those you love. It is a plus when the food turns out great, too! Vickie’s recipes and tips are fabulous, and her passion for her craft is contagious. Love it!

  3. I love to cook and try really hard to make it special, even if it is just for me. I live alone except for my cat, and she is always wanting to see what I made! My family live near me and they enjoy my cooking too. Of course my GRANDKIDS, the little angels, think thier Mama’s cooking is WAAAAAY better than mine. But isn’t that the way it should be? Now, Let me be the one to win those adorable heart shaped measuring spoons – I will be sure to make you a heart shaped cake with them!

  4. I am so crazy about cooking. I would cook for my Senior Citizen Deaf Club every month on the second Tuesday if it is need. I would help whatever they asked me to do it. I will take the job seriously to cook what is need. Some of them not know how to cook what it is suppose to have and they have asked me to do it. I do it for them. I am very helpful to the Senior Citizen to cook. I also cook almost every day to my two roommates to have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to make the right food to eat. Not junk food that I do not accepted it. I would try any recipes that sounds good. My roommates always gives me an approval that it is so good to eat. The kitchen is mine only to cook. I love the kitchen also love to cook!

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