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ManPans Cookware Set
ManPans Cookware Set

I recently posted a review on ManPans Cookware Sets.  You can read the full review here:  ManPans Review 

Be sure to visit the ManPans website to check out all of the great features!

John Crow is the founder and President on ManPans and he has a great video demonstrating ManPans.


John and I talked about ManPans and here are the  highlights of that interview. 


Vickie:  How did you come up with the name ManPans?

John:  There’s two versions of the story and one of them is not true and one is true .  The not true version is that when women would come up to me with a snarly attitude at a warehouse show and say “Why did you call it a ManPan?”    For those women I would always say “Because they get hot fast!”  The real reason is that all of my family got tired of me giving them pizza pans.  We were one of the largest manufactures of pizza pans at the time.  Then we made a pan for a company called Noodles and I really liked the pan.  I started giving them away to my friends and family.  All of the men in my family, including me, said “Wow, I finally have a pan that the handle fits my hand.”  The handle is round and it really helps you get a good grip on it. …I was actually in a meeting with a group of men who were trying to come up with a name for the pans and I said I wanted something kind of manly.  And this guy said ManlyPan.  Then I said no, That’s kind of wimpy.  Then he said, “How about Man Pans?”  And I loved it so that’s actually how it became a ManPan.

Vickie:  Well, it’s a great name and I will say it’s a great pan!  Sam Folsom with Folsom and Associates sent me the wok to review and I have to thank him for turning me on to these pans.  I really love the design of the pan and I love the handle.  I like the looks of it…I like the feel of it…and another thing I really like about the pan is the weight of it.  It’s a good weight but not too heavy.  So many of the pans out there on the market are so heavy that even without food in them, you can barely lift them.

There are a lot of good features about ManPans.  What do you think are the top features of the ManPans?

John:  The first thing is that it’s made in the USA.  There are so many different good features of the pan and everybody seems to have a different thing that they like about the pans.  It’s almost like pick your own feature!  …..People who have arthritis like the pans because the handle is easy to grip…..Foodies like the pan because it doesn’t leave flavors in the food…..It also does get hot faster than most other pans.  The lightweight is very important and it’s very ergonomic …..Most handles on pans are flat but when I made the handle for my pan, I wanted the handle to be round.

Vickie:  I also like the fact that the handle stays cool.  That’s a great feature.  Another thing that’s amazing is that you should use metal utensils on this pan.  I watched your video and couldn’t believe how the pan stood up to a metal spatula!  I’m going to share your video with my readers so they can see how durable these pans are.

You mentioned that you are a large manufacturer of pizza pans and I saw them on your website.  Can they be used on a grill or just in the oven?

John:   They can be used on a grill.  The round ones work better on a grill than the rectangle ones because the heat is not very even on a BBQ and a rectangle pizza pan tends to warp on a grill.

ManPans are made by my other manufacturing business called LloydPans.  You can also go on and see all of the pizza pans available.  The best ones are the HAPP line of pizza pans.

Vickie:  The ManPans are chef quality pans.  Do you have any pointers for home cooks on how to best use the pans?

John:  The first thing to remember is that these pans heat up much faster than other pans so you will need to use a lower temperature when cooking.  It’s usually best to lower the temperature about 50% when cooking with a ManPan.  Also, the pan does require some oil.  You can also use Pam.  The pans are stick resistant – not non- stick .

Vickie:  Is there anything else that you would like to add?

John:  They are the exact same pans used by chefs.  We didn’t dumb them down or make them cheaper.  These pans are commercial grade and will hold up to the rigors of an industrial kitchen. MansPans are different..they are totally different than any other pan.   They are not non stick, we call it stick resistant.  Because of this, you can sear with the pans.  The pans are designed to make good looking food….We like to undersell and over perform.  Our pans create great food…they are very good in your hand…and they don’t  leak flavors into the food..and all those things.  We think they are the best  balance of all of the features that you can have in a pan.

Vickie:  You’ve sold me on the pan but I must say that using it is the ultimate sale because it is a wonderful pan and I can’t wait to get the whole set!

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