Navitas Natural’s Super Food Power Snacks


Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  14+




I love supporting wonderful company like Navitas Naturals.    A few months ago, I started exploring the world of “super foods.”  Berries, nuts, citrus fruits, dark chocolate, chia seeds, etc. are all on my list of foods to incorporate into my diet more often.  The health nut in me loves that Navitas Natural’s satisfying snacks are:


  1. Gluten and dairy free
  2. High in fiber and Vitamin C
  3. Free of refined sugar, artificial colors and flavors
  4. Full of Omega fatty acids
  5. GMO free
  6. Vegan
  7. Made only with raw/organic ingredients
  8. Trans fat free


It is fantastic to find a product that fits the above description.  Not only do they fit the description, but they actually taste good! Now, these are not going to be a good gift for those in your life who mock health foods as being “bird feed” or “rabbit food.”  If your mate is a chicken fried steak eating, cheese flavored potato chip crunching, processed food partaker… don’t buy these for them!  But, for the health conscious friend, family member or co-worker these would be a fantastic gift.  Snacking on these is guilt free.  And, they are a wonderful way to refuel after a grueling workout.


Where to Buy


For $8.99 per package, you can purchase these healthy snacks directly from Navitas Naturals.

Or, you can purchase them at a retail store near you by using their Store Locator.  Navitas Naturals

And, because I know several of you are Amazon lovers, you can also purchase them thru Amazon  


Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  ­­­­­­Navitas Naturals supplied me with one package each of their Cacao Goji Super Food Power Snack, Blueberry Hemp Super Food Power Snack and Citrus Chia Super Food Power Snack for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.

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