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Wine Barrel Serving Trays

Looking for a unique wooden serving trays then check out these wine barrel serving trays!  


Wine barrel creations are fun and  wine barrel serving trays are perfect for entertaining.




If you love to entertain, you know the importance of serving trays.  They are a practical necessity.    Every hostess loves serving trays and these unique wooden wine barrel  serving trays that are made from a reclaimed wine barrel top will be a favorite!  They are made from real oak wine barrel tops and are sure to become an heirloom.  You can enjoy an authentic part of wine country in your home with these wine barrel serving trays.  Let this be the centerpiece of your next party!  Showcase your homemade pizza in wine country style or feature a beautiful artisan cheese display on this serving tray!  The possibilities are endless!  

Why not consider hosting a wine tasting party?

A wine tasting party is a creative way to gather your family and friends into your home and it is fairly easy to do.  Offer four or five different wines and creatively display them on these wine barrel serving trays.  Then do a wine and cheese pairing for each wine.  A  wine and cheese pairing chart is helpful when planning your party.  You might consider offering a Brie cheese which is creamy paired with a Chardonnay.  Salty cheeses like Blue cheese pair well with a sweet wine such as a Port.  Consider offering a Cabernet Franc with Cheddar.  A Beaujolais pairs nicely with goat cheese.    

Great for gift giving or your own entertaining.  These beautiful wine barrel serving  trays are fitted with over-sized handles for easy transport. 

$ 129.00 USD.  
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Reclaimed Barrel Top Tray Reclaimed Barrel Top TrayEvery fine-grained oak barrel end deserves to be used to serve the wine it so patiently aged. Weve fitted our over-sized tray with handles for easy transport. Made in USA. 29D

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