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The holiday season is full of lots of rich foods and its nice to have a light refreshing wine to pair with the festivities.  I was asked to sample two wines by Refresh by Turning Leaf – the Crisp White and the Moscato.  Refresh by Turning Leaf makes a Red Moscato as well.

This entirely new style of wine features a light, fizzy body that is crafted to offer a refreshing wine experience.  These wines are designed to be enjoyed well chilled and can even be poured over ice ( yes, that’s right !!).  They are also great to use in wine cocktails – mixed with juices or ginger ale. ( A Retro-type cocktail). I’ll give you a few cocktail recipe ideas below.  Refresh wines are great summertime wines, but will also blend nicely into the holiday season.  

Mix up my Fizzy Cranberry Cocktail and enjoy it by the fireplace with your sweetie!  Very romantic!   




Other options for enjoying the Crisp White are:

  1. Straight, over ice.  We tried it this way first and all of us really liked it.  The slight “fizz” really is refreshing.  It’s not bubbly like champagne, but the fizz is noticeable. 
  2. Mixed as a “retro-style” cocktail.  Fill your glass with crushed ice.  Fill  2/3 full with the Refresh Crisp White and then 1/3 with juice.  I used Cranberry Juice Cocktail in my Fizzy Cranberry Cocktail but I think Orange juice or Mango juice would be goo too!  You are only limited by your creativity!
  3. Serve over ice with a slice of lime squeezed in.
  4. Over ice 2/3 Crisp White/ 1/3 Ginger Ale.

The Refresh Moscato is perfect for Brunch ( instead of a Mimosa).  It’s also nice with any spicy food.

Note:  I received samples of the Refresh by Turning leaf to taste for this review.  The opinions are my own and are honest.  No compensation was received.





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  1. I wanted wine, not champagne. Very dissapointed. I think when wineries don’t have good grapes they add a bit if fizz to hide the taste and call it wine…it’s wine, but it’s sparkling!

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