Chilling White Wine In An Ice Bucket

Here’s a success tip on how to fill an ice bucket and chill white wine.  

Video: Chilling White Wine In An Ice Bucket

Learn the success secret for filling an ice bucket and chilling white wine! This simple trick will make it easy!

How many times have you been to a party and you can’t get the white wine bottle out of the ice bucket?  Or, when you get it out…you can’t get it back in the ice?  So many people don’t know the secret for filling an ice bucket!  Here is the simple secret! 

Fill the bottom of the ice bucket with about an inch layer of ice cubes.

Fill the ice bucket halfway with cold water. The cold water is the success secret – it helps to chill the wine and it makes is easy to get the wine bottle in and out of the ice bucket.

Place the bottle of wine in the ice bucket and position it in the middle of the bucket.

Fill up around the wine bottle with more ice cubes.  Fill up to the top of the bottle’s label – but don’t pack the ice too tightly.

After about 30 minutes the wine will be perfectly chilled.

To download printable directions, click hereSuccess Secret_Chilling White Wine


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