Aeropress Coffee Makers

Don’t be confused by all of the coffee makers on the market!  

If you are sorting through all of the coffee makers on the market, the Aeropress coffee maker may just fit the bill!  

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker



Aerobie Aeropress




Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  18+



I am going to cut right to the chase on this review.  This is the single most efficient tool for the creation of coffee and coffee-based beverages.  Using the Aeropress I have been able to recreate authentic espresso, rich coffee and the best tasting lattés I have ever tasted.


Here is how I created that “world of the forms” latté:  I heated up some water in our electric kettle, warmed some milk in a briki (like a small sauce pan), I ground coffee beans to somewhere between espresso and auto-drip grind, loaded the coffee in the Aeropress, and gently and slowly pressed down on the plunger—whooooossshhhhh!!!



Out came my new espresso.  I stirred in the milk—no silly sweeteners to dilute this coffee-dairy goodness—and, oh my goodness.  It was great.


No sooner had I enjoyed my first sip than did an old anxiety wash over me:  “French press dread.”  You see, I loved the taste of French press coffee but I hardly ever make it because cleanup is such a pain.  No matter how I wipe down the glass and filter of the French press, I find minions of rebel coffee grounds clinging—taunting me.  For some reason, I am uncharacteristically anal about coffee product cleanliness.  When the Aeropress instructions boasted seconds-long cleanup, I was incredulous.


They were right.  The press itself compressed the grounds into a coffee puck.  After unscrewing the plastic screen that holds the filter, a little push makes the coffee basically just “pop out.”  The other cleaning instructions?  Rinse with water and dry.  And there I was, with a perfectly clean coffee area and a still-piping-hot latté.  Transcendent!


I am not a straight espresso drinker so I didn’t try that.  I did try coffee (made by brewing espresso and diluting it with hot water) and found it to be delicious as well.


What comes in box?

The Aeropress comes with a the chamber, filter cap, plunger and seal, scoop, stirrer, funnel, and 350 filters with filter holders.

What comes with your AeroPress



Who should own this?

I see three groups of people that would especially benefit from the aeropress:

  1. Professionals who want a reasonable coffee making device in their office.  For the life of me, I don’t understand shelling out over a hundred dollars on a single-serving machine that brews different “cups” of freeze-dried, ridiculously over-priced, branded instant coffee.  An Aeropress is an affordable, delicious alternative.  Want a gift idea?  Buy someone an Aeropress, plastic hot pot to warm the water and you have a delicious coffee solution for under $40—and you are using real coffee—the coffee of your choice!
  2. Anyone who wants to make espresso-based coffees at home.  Purchase $10 milk frother and you are good to go!
  3. Anyone who wants any coffee product on a budget.  Just add water!


Where to Buy

You can find a list of the many local retailers and online merchants by using their Locator


Reviewed by: Lucas


Note:  Aerobie  graciously supplied me with one Aerobie Aeropress for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.



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