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I do not have a green thumb. I do my best and sometimes it works out, sometimes it does not. I always apologize to any plant I buy as we head home. There are a few things that always make my “safe” list. These are the things I know I can grow successfully: Tomatoes, Basil, Dill, Chive, Parsley, Oregano, Mint and now… Oyster Mushrooms!

I was doubtful that I could grow mushrooms. I am happy to report that I was wrong! The kit tells you that you can harvest in as LITTLE as 10 days. I am on day 10 and they are not ready to harvest, but they are well on their way! I think my family and I will be dining on these mushrooms within a week. I’m thinking a mushroom risotto is in order…. Check out my Recipe!   Nicole’s Mushroom Risotto

Here are the kit’s stats: You can grow 2-3 harvests of oyster mushrooms. You only have to mist 2 times per day after the initial soaking. The kit grows up to 1.5 pounds of fresh gourmet mushrooms total. The mushroom garden will last in the box before opening – there is no shelf life! Oh, and you can grow the mushrooms at any time of the year.

The soil is made 100% of recycled coffee grounds (I love supporting safe & sustainable products)! Also, the cardboard of the garden box has tomato, basil and kale seeds! When you are done with the mushrooms, just plant the box and grow an entirely new garden!

And, here are pictures of my mushrooms thus far:

Let’s get started….. 






Day 4…


Day 5……..


Day 6…..


Day 7……


Day 8…..


Day 10….


I think this is a fantastic gift for the young child in your life. It is very educational and gives kids the opportunity to learn a bit about where their food comes from. My son is only 1, but he loved helping me! I can’t wait to see his reaction when he is older and can mist the mushrooms. This would also be a great gift for older kids and adults who enjoy gardening. Or, if you have a friend or family member who likes to cook with fresh ingredients (and is always complaining about the selection at your local grocery store) then this would be the perfect gift for them!

To learn more about this product, and their other products, please visit their Website:  Back to the Roots    or the  Back to the Roots Facebook Page  

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Whenever you post a photo of your grown kit on the Back to the Roots Facebook Page  , they will donate a kit and sustainability curriculum to an elementary classroom of your choice! I’ll be posting mine when it reaches full maturity and will have them donate to one of our local elementary!

Where to Buy

For $19.95, plus shipping and handling (free shipping if you buy 2), you can order the mushroom kits directly from their Website:  Order Back to the Roots   

Or, you can find a retailer near you by using their Store Locator!   Back to the Roots Store Locator

Reviewed by: Nicole


Note: Back to the Roots, Inc. supplied me with one Gourmet Mushroom Kit for review. No other compensation was received. The review in this post is honest and my own.

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