They’re Smiling; I’m Smiling. I Hope You Get a Smile on Your Face Too!!


I loved talking with Linda Appel Lipsius about Teatulia’s vision and their lovely teas.  Today, I can’t stop thinking about the women working the tea gardens in Northern Bangladesh.  Their story makes me happy. 



Fahima Begum – The Pursuit Of A Dream

Fahima dreamed of a decent house, but her husband struggled to meet the family’s basic needs. So, with a desire to help her family, Fahima joined the KKTE Dairy Cooperative in 2005. She took the ‘loan’ of a milking cow, and sold the milk in the village market, and cow dung back to the garden. With the success of her first venture, she loaned more cows, and today she is the proud owner of a house made of brick walls, with a proper kitchen and sanitation. Both of her children now attend primary school and her home is lit by solar power. She has finally attained the home of her dreams; her “Shopner Bari”.



These pictures are all of Fahima Begum.  Doesn’t she look happy?  She has accomplished so much for herself and her family.  I’m smiling right now.  I wanted to share in the hopes that you smile too.  This story and these wonderful pictures have made my day special. 


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Note:  Here is a link to the full Interview.  A Visit in Vickie’s Kitchen With Linda Appel Lipsius

            Here is a link to some lovely recipes from Teatulia.   Enjoying Tea in Recipe Form

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