Jellybean Wine Is For Your Playful Side!

Wow!  I really have a great job…I am often asked to review and sample products for the Make Life Special website.  I love trying new products and it is especially fun when I am asked to review wine.  Today I’m sampling some fun wines by Jellybean Wine  .

Jellybean Wines


I was asked to sample and review three of the Jellybean Wines:  ( Moscato, Moscato Rose and Bubbles)  

The Jellybean Wines are made in a style that is very popular right now — fruit-forward, very smooth, styled for easy sipping and enjoyment.  

If you follow my website, you know how much I love bubbly wines!  So, the first bottle opened was, of course, the Jellybean Orchard Blossom Bubbles.  Jellybean Bubbles comes from Spain, and is made in the style of a traditional Spanish Cava.    Using Spanish varietal grapes found in traditional Spanish  Cavas, this sparkling wine was produced using the methode champenoise manner with the secondary   fermentation taking place in the bottle.  Orchard Blossom Bubbles will take you down a sunny, tree-lined path in early summer….enveloping you with sweetly scented notes of warm, fresh picked peaches, honeysuckle and jasmine wrapped in a vibrant style that’s crisp and effervescent.  In case you can’t tell….I really loved this bubbly!  It was not too sweet, had small elegant bubbles, and the honeyed flavors finished with a clean, fresh, mouthwatering sensation.    All can can say about this one is WOW!  Well, I will add one additional note….I loved this so much I ordered a case of it!  

Jellybean Orchard Blossom Bubbles

The Jellybean Orchard Blossom Bubbles can be ordered online.  I found it at at $ 8.95 a bottle plus shipping.   


Next, I sampled the Jellybean Moscato.  This wine hails from Italy and is made with Moscato Bianco grapes  that were grown in the Sicilia region of Italy.  

Jellybean Moscato

This wine is sweeter than the Orchard Blossom Bubbles – but still light-bodied.  I enjoyed the vibrant flavors of stone fruit and lime….laced with notes of honey and orange blossom.  This was a very refreshing wine – one that I will order and enjoy this summer.  It has aromatic notes of peach and apricot and is lush in the mouth.  This finishes with just a hint of sweetness and again, I did not find this Moscato too sweet.

The last Jellybean Wine I sampled was the Jellybean Moscato Rose.  This wine also comes from Italy.

Jellybean Moscato Rose

This lightly sparkling wine would be perfect to pair with appetizers, to enjoy on picnics or just for afternoon sipping occasions.  I loved the hint of effervescence in this wine and the lush notes of peach and apricot.

These Jellybean Wines are for your playful side.  They are engaging with color and flavor….a little bit glamorous…a lot indulgent and unstoppably fun!  

Again, if you can’t find these wines locally, you can order them online.  Prices range from $ 8.99 to $12.99 plus shipping.  

Note:  I received one bottle of the Jellybean Orchard Blossom Bubbles, one bottle of the Jellybean Moscato and one bottle of the Jellybean Moscato Rose to sample for this review.  No compensation was received.  These are my true and honest opinions. 






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