Libre Tea Glass ‘N Poly Mug

Libre Tea’s Glass’N Poly Mug

Libre Tea 

Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  Libre Tea graciously supplied me with one Libre Glass n’ Poly Large for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.


Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  10+



My love affair with tea started the summer between 8th grade and 9th grade.  I remember my first cup of Earl Grey.  It was hot outside and I was sitting on a patio at my favorite restaurant with my dad.  The owner, with whom we were friends, came by with a box of teas they had just gotten in from England.  He offered me a cup.  I accepted.  I’ve had many, many cups of tea and many varieties since then.  But, I remember the porcelain cup and the conversation.


When I got to sample the Libre Glass n’ Poly I was immediately excited.  My son, who is two, has destroyed almost every tea infuser I had.  He’s been able to reach the drawers in my kitchen for quite a while and has a thing for anything ball shaped.  The idea of brewing my tea IN my cup, being able to reuse the leaves for a second cup, and having easy clean up was exciting.


According to Libre’s website, you can use their mugs 3 ways.  You can read the How-To and watch a video on their Website.


My usual cup of tea is a dark tea with a limited steep time.  Typically a nice Earl Grey or a cup of Black Caramel.  Their directions are simple:


Fill the mug with hot water, attach strainer, add tea, close lid, invert and steep.

Libre Tea Brewing

Then you remove the lid and strainer combo to have a cup of tea.

Libre Tea to Dump

You can discard the leaves or reuse them for another cup.

Libre Tea Components

The mug works great!  I’ve taken it with me to yoga, while driving around town running errands, and at my desk working on blog posts.  Best of all, my son has shown ZERO interest in destroying my new favorite tea mug.

Who would like this gift?

This would be a great gift for any tea drinker:  your child’s favorite teacher, that co-worker who makes showing up on snowy days not quite as bad, your yoga teacher, your high school or college age student on-the-go, etc.   The size would work for a stocking stuffer.  For Mom, Dad, or any close relative, I would recommend this item be paired with some nice loose leaf teas… some of those “blooming teas” would be amazing with this since you can watch them bloom through the clear mug.

 Where to Buy

You can purchase a Large for $29, an Original for $24, or a Mug for $29 by visiting Libre.


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