Showtime 5500 Stainless Rotisserie

Showtime 5500 Stainless Rotisserie


Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  Ronco Holdings graciously supplied me with one Showtime 5500 Stainless Rotisserie for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.


Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  18+



I, personally, love chicken.  My son loves chicken.  My husband…. Well, he could take it or leave it.  And, unless it is fried, he usually will leave it.  He is a steak and potatoes kind of guy.


So, when it came to testing the Showtime 5500, I thought for sure I was going to rotisserie a chicken and be eating it for my lunch all week.  I was wrong.  I was very wrong.  I even had to go back to the grocery store to supplement since I didn’t have the chicken I KNEW would be left over.  But, how can anyone turn down a bird that looks this good? Right?

Ronco Chicken

I prepped the chicken with some lemon and herbs, tied it with the food cord per the directions, stuck the bird on the rotisserie, and let it cook according to the recommendations based on my bird’s weight.  My home smelled divine.  When my  husband arrived home from work  he was stuck by the aroma, filled up his plate, and ate his whole serving.


What impressed my husband the most was the skin on the bird.  It was crisp.  It absorbed a lot of flavor and kept the chicken very juicy.  Best of all, the leftovers (though not as abundant as I had thought) were delicious.  My husband is actually looking forward to my next rotisserie chicken and has plans to explore all our options… turkey, veggies, beef, etc…


What impressed me the most was the clean up.  I knew it was easy to use.  I really liked that I could turn the heat off while keeping the rotation going.  So, while my side dishes finished cooking the chicken juices stayed evenly distributed.  But, I was worried that the clean up would be a chore.  Surprisingly, it was very simple.  I had to clean the drip tray which was easily removed and cleaned.  Then, I removed the heat shield and gave it a thorough wipe down.  All that was left was to wipe down the interior walls, clean the rotisserie element and put it all back together for next time.  My total time commitment for the cleanup was about 8 minutes.

Ronco Opened

Who would like this gift?

A Showtime 5500 Stainless Rotisserie would be a great gift for the young adult who recently moved into their first apartment.  I also recommend it for any busy adult who needs/likes to create healthy meals for themselves and/or their family.  Also, if you know a friend or family member is trying to make better lifestyle changes for their health and wellness then this would be a well received gift!


 Where to Buy 

With a price of $199 plus Shipping and Handling, you can be purchase at Ronco.

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