Chopping Fresh Herbs

Chopping fresh herbs can be easy when you use my success secret.

A knife  just doesn’t “cut it” when it comes to chopping  fresh herbs!


How to chop fresh herbs
Chopping Fresh Herbs

Here’s my success secret for chopping fresh herbs:  Put the fresh herbs in a small bowl and use kitchen scissors to quickly cut the herbs into small pieces.  

I just planted my herb garden because I love to cook with fresh herbs.  This year I planted  basil, dill, rosemary, parsley,  sage and mint.  My oregano survived the winter and has come back the gusto,  Almost every recipe can be enhanced by using fresh herbs.  Check out my video for the information on how to convert a recipe from dry herbs to fresh herbs.  It is really easy to make the transition.  

Video: How to Chop Herbs

A knife just doesn’t “cut it” when it come to chopping fresh herbs. Check out my success secret on how to chop fresh herbs.

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