Kuhn Rikon Ultimate Can Opener with Auto Attach Feature


Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  17+

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Holiday Gift Basket with Kuhn Rikon Ultimate Can Opener


The Kuhn Rikon Ultimate Can Opener is the exact opposite of a one task wonder tool.  In fact, I think the title of “can opener” doesn’t quite do it justice.  This opens a lot more than cans!  The Kuhn Rikon Ultimate Can Opener can help you open jars, bottles, cans and pull tabs.

I’ll admit that I’m not great at opening cans.  Thank goodness my husband thinks it is cute that my electric can opener is my kitchen nemesis.  I can never get it locked into place correctly and struggle to no end to open cans.  I think the Kuhn Rikon Ultimate Cane Opener has solved my problem!


This wonderful gadget has 5 ways to help you out in the kitchen:

  1. Opening Cans – this can opener auto attaches and it doesn’t cut through the top of your can.  It slices along the side of the can!  So, no more tuna juice on my hands or all over my can opener!
  2. Opening Pull Tab Cans – the “parrot head” looking part of the gadget slips under pull tabs and (because it is a lever) rock it towards you to open the can.  No more damaged manicures while opening my seltzer!
  3. Bottle Cap Opener  – this part is pretty self explanatory, but I’m glad that it’s built in!
  4. Lid Lifter – this part is pretty ingenious, to me anyway.  In the past, it was not uncommon to see me banging my jelly jar lid with a knife to break the suction so that I could twist it open.  I no longer have to go medieval on my jelly jars!  This gadget has a built in lid lifter to break the seal!
  5. Twist Bottle Opener – just flip the bottle cap opener over and it has a grooved opening to place over your stubborn bottles.  It’s really nice to be able to open a 2 Liter Soda Bottle without having to take it to my husband…..


I think that this would be a wonderful gift for the college student in your life who is starting out on their own (and in need of EVERYTHING).  That being said, I think that anyone with arthritic hands/wrists would greatly benefit from this gadget since you don’t have to grip two handles to hold it in place while you open a can.  Oh, and don’t forget the moms on your list!  We always appreciate anything that makes our lives easier!


Where to Buy

For $16.75, plus shipping and handling, this wonderful can opener is available thru QVC!  To order, Click Here:  QVC Kuhn Rikon Ultimate Can Opener

Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  QVC graciously supplied me with a lilac Kuhn Rikon Ultimate Can Opener for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.



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