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Want To Learn How To Make Sushi?

If you love sushi and want to try making it at home, see how easy it can be with SushiQuik.  We loved the results we got using the SushiQuik!

Get Ready to Roll With SushiQuik!

Want to learn how to make sushi? 


Sushi Made With Sushi Quik KitQ we

Review:  By Nicole

 I love sushi.  A lot.  When I lived in New York, I ate sushi almost every week.  Whether rolled or sashimi, I will enjoy every bite of good sushi.  Now, I live just east of ranch country.  I can get all sorts of great beef here.  Sushi?  Not so much.

SushiQuik to the Rescue!

What’s a sushi loving, city girl to do?  Before the SushiQuik, I dreamt of it.  Now, I make it myself!


I would have never tried this without the SushiQuik.  There are too many variables that can go wrong.  And, I am not a skilled sushi master.  Thankfully, with the SushiQuik, I don’t have to be trained in the art of sushi to make a few rolls for dinner!


It is super easy to use the SushiQuik and, just as the name describes, this is not a time consuming ordeal.  Here are my ingredients…

Sushi Ingredients


First, you make your rice.  You can use a rice cooker or make it in a pot on your stove.  I chose the latter.  Then, you add in your rice vinegar.  If you are not able to find pre-seasoned rice vinegar, they give you the directions to season your own.  My local Asian grocery store had the seasoned sushi vinegar, so I used that.

Cooking the Rice for Sushi


While my rice was cooking, I prepped the SushiQuik by following the very easy to follow directions.

Sushi Quik Kit

Making Sushi with Sushi Quik Kit


Then, you place your sheet of Nori on the SushiQuik.

Making Sushi


And place the training guide.

Making Sushi 2


Distribute the rice.

Spreading Rice on Tray for Sushi


Remove the guide.

Making Homemade Sushi


Add your ingredients (I used smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber for a lovely Philadelphia Roll).

Sushi Quik Sushi


And, Roll!

Roll the Sushi


Then, place the cutting guide over your roll and cut thru the spacers.

Prepare to Cut the Sushi


Enjoy with a good Wasabi paste and some soy sauce!


We loved our homemade sushi rolls.  I can hardly wait to experiment with new combinations!


Who should own this?

The simple answer is anyone who enjoys sushi.  But, I really see this as a wonderful product for the following groups of people:


1)  Those who love sushi, but do not live near a great sushi restaurant.

2)  Those who love sushi, but do not have the financial means to go out every time the desire for it hits.

3)  Those who love to entertain and are looking to diversify their party food.


Where to Buy

You can purchase directly thru the SushiQuik website.  (http://www.sushiquik.com/collections/all-products)

Or, you can order thru Amazon    

Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  I was  supplied  with one SushiQuik Sushi Kit with Roll Cutter for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.


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  1. Omg,Vickie,bravo!!! That looks sooo delish,and neat! Lol 🙂 I’m on Pinterest now,saw this Sushiquik kit come up,and jumped on it right away,haha! Omg,girlfriend,let me tell u,my daughter and I made Sushi this past Sunday,it was the second time we had attempted to make it…My daughter and I looooooooove Sushi,btw,we have a great Sushi restaurant in the neighborhood,and they make pretty good Sushi 🙂 We love the California roll,our fave,but have tried others,and it’s sooooo good! 🙂 I used to be so afraid of it,the thought of raw fish was just ewwwww…But I have learned a lot since then,and now know that it’s not all “raw”,and u can choose to have it rolled or sashimi,etc…However,we wanted to try our hand at making our own,so my daughter went online and purchased a kit or sorts,it only contained the bamboo sushi mat and rice paddle.I think she purchased separately the nori,rice vinegar,rice and of course all the stuff u need to make the sushi.Well,needless to say,our first time did not go so well,um…yeah…Lol 🙂 Ok,first of all, the sheets she purchased were not the full sheets,but half sheets,so we tried to roll them length-wise,and that was a disaster! Lol plus,the rice was a bit mushy,i added too much water,and when i went to cut it,the filling fell out of some of it,it was smushed,and well,it was a mess! uuugh…but still,it was fun and we learned a lot from the first experience lol Let’s just say I have a whole new respect for Sushi Chefs now lol 🙂 Anyways,I made some this past Sunday,and it came out muuuuuuch better 🙂 The rice was perfect,and we used chicken,and avocado,but I wanted some cucumbers and sesame seeds,but was too lazy to go get some lol I do love Wasabi,and my daughter purchased the dry,u just add water and make into a paste,so delish! She does not care for Wasabi btw 🙂 But wow,thank u so much for the awesome review,I gotta get this Sushiquik,kit will make our sushi making experience soooo much better nxt time around,I can’t wait to make sushi again,cuz it’s one of my faves,thanx to my daughter,she first turned me on to it,and I’ve been hooked ever since! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great review Nicole! Wanted to tell everyone that we have a FREE recipe ebook on our site for people to enjoy! Happy Rolling! 🙂

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