Tomato Tulip Salad Recipes

Tomato Tulip Salads

 I love easy salad recipes!

Salad recipes are a delicious addition to and meal.   Here’s a cute salad recipe idea!  This tomato salad recipe is  so easy to make and would be great for a ladies luncheon or any Spring or Summer gathering.  I filled these tomato tulips with my homemade tuna salad and a purchased Pimiento Cheese Spread.  

Here are the ingredients.

Tomato Tulip Salads Ingredients

Tomato Tulip Salads

Tomato Tulip Salads

Here is a cute salad idea!


  • Roma tomatoes
  • tuna salad
  • pimiento salad
  • green onions


  1. Cut an X into each tomato, being careful not to cut through the bottom of the tomato.
  2. Gently pull the tomato apart with your fingers to make a flower.
  3. Place the tuna salad and pimiento cheese spread into two zip lock bags. Cut the tip off of one corner to make a piping bag.
  4. Pipe the filling into the tomatoes.
  5. Arrange the filled tomatoes on a plate and place the green onion tops next to the tomatoes to look like the flower stems.

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With a sharp knife, cut an X into each roma tomato, but do not cut through the bottom of the tomato.  

Cutting Tomatoes into Tulips

Gently pull the tomatoes open to allow room, to fill them with the salad mixtures.


Making the tomato tulip blossoms

Place each salad mixture into a zip lock bag and snip off a small part of one corner.  Pipe the salad mixtures into the tomato tulips.  I made a homemade tuna salad and I purchased a Pimiento Salad.  Other great choices would be chicken salad, ham salad or even bologna salad.

Here you see the tomato tulip filled with the pimiento cheese spread.

Filling the tomato tulip blossoms

Place the filled tomatoes on a plate and arrange green onion tops to resemble the stems of the flowers. 

Salad recipes also make great appetizers!

If you want to make a Tomato Tulip Salad Appetizer tray, just use the small grape tomatoes and place the filled tomatoes on a tray like a “bouquet”.

Watch my cooking tutorial for this recipe

Video: Tomato Tulip Salads

I love salad recipes!  Here is a cute salad recipe idea!  This Tomato Tulip Salad recipe is great for a ladies luncheon or any spring or summer gathering!

Remember, “Let’s make life special by sharing great food with our family and friends!  Enjoy!”


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