Meet Kacy With Make Life Special!

Meet Kacy

The Make Life Special Team!

Meet Kacy!  Kacy is my youngest daughter and she has been working behind the camera at Make Life Special.  This really is a family affair!

Kacy is a Midwestern girl who is Southern at heart…..

Her smile will warm you down to your toes……and her laughter fills the air like a warm summer breeze…

She is as strong as steel…..but as soft as a flower petal……

She is small town born and raised…..but loves the big city…….

She loves high heel shoes……..and pick-up trucks……

She loves the theater……but is just as comfortable lifting weights with the guys….

Kacy is a full time nursing student at University of Southern Indiana and is planning on becoming a CRNA.  Her hobby is cooking and she LOVES working with Make Life Special.  Kacy is also very talented with Social Media and she assists with that promotional area as well.   She would like to join Vickie in front of the camera and start doing YouTube videos for Make Life Special.

You Make My Life Special!

Thank you Kacy,  for helping me with Make Life Special.  I have truly been blessed to have two wonderful daughters who are strong and independent women!   You and Nicole really do “Make My Life Special”!  Mom   

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