Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treats have been enjoyed by kids and adults alike for as long as I can remember.  

With Easter just around the corner, here is a great idea for Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats.  This was submitted to Make Life Special by one of our readers.  Thanks for the great idea!

Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats


The recipe for Rice Krispy Treats is quick to make and only has three main ingredients:  butter,marshmallows and Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal.  You can print out the basic recipe here:  Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

Here are some Success Secrets for making these adorable Easter Egg Treats:

  • Use plastic snap-apart Easter eggs
  • Coat the inside of the plastic eggs with cooking spray.
  • Make the Rice Krispie Treats recipe.  I like to make this in the microwave.  The microwave makes this so quick and easy!  Just heat the butter and marshmallows on HIGH for 3 minutes, stirring after 2 minutes.  Stir until smooth.  Add the cereal to the hot mixture and stir until well coated.  EASY EASY!
  • Be sure to grease your hands before you start filling the eggs with the mixture.  This is very important!
  • Firmly press the mixture into each plastic egg half.  Use your fingers to make a hollow center in each half.  Then remove from the molds and place on wax paper to cool slightly.
  • Place candy surprises into one half and gently press the two halves of the eggs together until they stick.
  • You can decorate the outside of the eggs with frosting, if desired.  Get creative and use bright colored icing!  You can make ziz-zags around the eggs….lines in several colors…..polka dots….whatever you like!
  • Place these in a bright Easter basket and prepare to get lots of compliments


Remember…Let’s make life special by sharing great food with our family and friends!  Enjoy!!  



Make This Jamaican Me Crazy BBQ Rib Recipe!

With a sweet and spicy sauce, this BBQ rib recipe is a hit!  

You’ll need just 10 minutes to get this BBQ rib recipe into the crock pot for slow all-day cooking.  The end result is sweet and spicy “Jamaican-Style” ribs that fall off of the bone.  Tender….Juicy…What could be better?  This is a great recipe for any time of year.  Serve it in the summer with potato salad on the patio or in the fall and winter with hearty baked beans and a baked potato bar.  

Jamaican Me Crazy Ribs


Jamaican Me Crazy BBQ Rib Recipe
Serves: 5
  • 2 racks of pork ribs
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • ½ cup Caribbean Jerk Seasoning
  • 2 bottles Kraft Honey BBQ Sauce ( 18 oz. each)
  • 4 tablespoons apricot preserves
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  1. Cut the ribs into serving size pieces. ( I use kitchen scissors)
  2. Drizzle with oil and rub with the jerk seasoning.
  3. Place ribs in 5 or 6 quart slow cooker.
  4. Combine the remaining ingredients; pour over the ribs.
  5. Cover and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours or until the meat is tender.

Jamaican Me Crazy Rib Ingredients

Use kitchen scissors to cut the ribs into serving size pieces.

Cut Ribs With Scissors


Drizzle with olive oil and rub with the jerk seasoning.

Coat Ribs With Olive Oil and Jerk Seasoning

Place in a 5 or 6 quart crock pot.  Combine the remaining ingredients for the sauce.  I like to use Kraft Honey BBQ Sauce for this recipe.  It gives just the right amount of sweetness combined with the spicy Jerk Seasoning.  McCormick makes a great Caribbean Jerk Seasoning.

Pour the sauce over the ribs.

Pour Sauce Over Ribs

Cover and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours or until the meat is tender.


Serve Ribs with Wine

If you like Pulled Pork, be sure to try my Prize-Winning Pulled Pork Recipe!

Remember, let’s make life special by sharing great food with our family and friends!  Enjoy!

8 Great Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

8 Great Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

last Minute Christmas Shopping

Reviewed by: Lucas

Note:  All products in this post were submitted to Make Life Special for review by the respective company, or its affiliates.  No other compensation was received.  The reviews in this post are honest and my own.

Flip Jack For the Breakfast Fan – Orgreenic™ Flip Jack™ Nonstick Pancake Maker: 

For the breakfast gourmand there is no better gift than the Pancake Maker.  While this thing is great at omelets and even grilled cheese sandwiches—it was born to make pancakes.  Don’t have griddle?  Tired of elliptical edibles?  Get the Flip Jack Pancake Maker for the breakfast eater in your life.  They are cheap enough; you may as well get a second so that you can have two cooking at the same time!

Where to buy: Bed Bath & Beyond, www.flipjackpan.com



altec SpeakerFor the Personal Electronics Junkie –  Altec The Jacket Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

The Jacket is a pretty slick little speaker with big speaker sound.  It pairs easily, has a long-lasting battery (up to 8 hours) and is definitely one of the most attractive Bluetooth speakers on the market.  Each speaker comes with a choice of two silicone “jackets” to customize your look.

Where to Buy:  Office Depot, Electronics Stores




soda Stream SourceFor the Fizzy Drink Aficionado – Sodastream  Source: 

Almost everybody likes a little bubbly in their beverages.  Individual preferences, however, can make purchasing soft drinks and seltzers for home use rather cumbersome and expensive.  This is where the Sodastream system shines.  With one soda maker, you can make virtually all of your favorite soft drinks, uncolas, seltzers—and, more recently—juices.  As a company, Sodastream has worked hard to expand their product line and offer something for everyone.  In my opinion, the Sodastream Source is their best offering yet.  It is the first soda maker that I have ever wanted to leave out on the counter.  Available in many colors, it is stylish, svelte, and of very high quality.

Where to buy:  Wal-Mart, Target, Big Box Stores, Department Stores, Grocery stores




nolan Ryan SteaksFor the Meat-Eater – A gift certificate for Nolan Ryan’s Beef  Grass-fed New York Strip Steak :

As if being one of the greatest pitchers in the game wasn’t enough, baseball legend Nolan Ryan now slings some of the greatest cuts of beef that money can buy.  While Texas residents can find these excellent steaks at their local Kroger’s or Albertson’s, those of us outside the Lone Star State can utilize their tantalizing website to get our grill on.  All steaks are shipped promptly in an impressive, thoroughly frozen thermal cooler.   Want something to give now? Buy a gift certificate from the website at http://nolan-ryan-s-beef-store.mybigcommerce.com/giftcertificates.php .

Where to buy:  http://nolan-ryan-s-beef-store.mybigcommerce.com/grass-fed-beef/



vtech RetroFor the Style Maven – The VTech Retro Phone (LS6195) –

Let’s face it, most landline telephones today are pretty utilitarian:  the phones are plastic blocks designed to fit into slightly larger plastic blocks—that, my friend, is the extant of modern telephone design.   Especially with the ever-increasing VOIP technology like Vonage or magicJack, it is high time for a landline phone design revolution:  enter the Retro Phone.  The Retro Phone, as the name implies, finds its inspiriation in the past.  The handset, base, and overall design calls to mind an old rotary phone (you remember, the phones that actually looked like the phone symbol?) While its design is retro, its features are cutting edge:   DECT 6.0 technology, cordless handset, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Dual Back-lit displays, and dual speakerphones.  Bottom-line:  This is a phone that you want to look at,  maybe even put on display!

Where to Buy:  Officemaxx, Radio Shack, http://www.vtechphones.com/products/product_detail/1928



Edwards PiesFor the Sweet-eater – Edwards Salted Caramel Pie –

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to leave this treat under the tree for too long, but who says you can’t put a wrapped gift in the freezer?  While every pie by Edwards is excellent, including their Hershey’s Chocolate Crème and Key Lime pies, the Salted Caramel Pie really stole my heart.  With just a few minutes of thaw time, you can dig your fork into a chewy, caramelly, delicious goodness.  The little bit of salt balances this taste perfectly—it is really rare to get this level of culinary perfection out of a box, but Edwards does it!

Where to buy:  Most major supermarkets and grocery stores

For More Information: Check out their Facebook Page.



In Meat We Trust For the HistorianIn Meat We Trust:  An Unexpected History of Carnivore America by Maureen Ogle.

While most of us know that meat isn’t spontaneously created in cellophane packages, most of us don’t really know much about where our meat comes from—and even less about how that system came to be.  Ogle traces the history of the American meat industry from colonial times to our modern factory, mega-farms.  It is a fascinating and worthy ready for history buffs and meat-eaters alike.

Where to Buy:  Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, Powells Books, Many local bookstores.





Turbo Roaster Turbo Roaster –

This is one of those AS SEEN ON TV gizmos that I really wish I thought of first.  Roasting poultry has always seemed like it just took forever.  Plus, it demanded your complete attention:  you couldn’t afford to under cook them—but then again, if you cooked them too long, you risked drying them out.  The Turbo Roaster fixes both these problems.  By cooking the inside of the bird with steam, the cook time is cut in half, and the bird comes out juicy and moist—everytime!

Where to buy:  Wal-Mart, https://www.turboroaster.com/

Taste of the Town

Taste of the Town

By Todd Blackledge

 Taste of the Town

Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  Hachette Book Group  supplied me with one bag each of  for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.


Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  14+




I would be lying if I told you I am a huge fan of college football.  I’m not.  I don’t have my DVR set to record the next big game and I certainly don’t pay extra on my TV bill every month to get an all access pass to college sports.  But, I am a fan.  I always root for my alma mater (go Louisville Cards!) and I will always root for University of Kentucky to lose no matter who they are playing.  I follow the game fairly well, thanks in part to my husband’s love of playing Madden on our Play Station.


That being said, I really enjoyed this cookbook.  It was really neat to read about the eateries associated with some of the biggest teams in college football.  The book is filled with stories and told in such a way that you almost forget you are reading a cookbook.  I like that Blackledge tells you about restaurants even if a recipe is not featured.  In that way, the book is part cookbook and part travel guide.  I’ve already made a note to visit Ye Old Steakhouse next time I am in Knoxville, TN.  But, until then, I have a lot of recipes to try out in my own kitchen!

 travels Cookbook

I chose to make Chandler’s Meat Loaf from Chandler’s Deli in  Knoxville, TN.  As I prepared the dish, I was glad to have some background on who created it and where it originated.  The meatloaf reminded me of a dish my mom used to make when I was a little girl; it was delightful!  I can’t wait to try out other recipes from this fabulous collection.  I think Ursula’s Catering’s Chicken Etouffee is next in line…


Who would like this gift?

I would recommend this book to any fan of Mr. Blackledge’s Taste of the Town segment on ESPN.  I also recommend this for any fan of college football… especially if they travel for games!

Where to Buy

You can purchase a copy of this cookbook  by visiting Taste of the Town

Or, you can shop online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Indie Bound, Powell’s Books or Indigo.

Tyrrells Chips

Tyrrells Chips

 Tyrells Chips Bags

Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  Tyrrells Chips graciously supplied me with seven bags of chips (one each flavor)  for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.


Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  18+



I fell in love with English style chips when I visited England, Ireland and Wales during the summer of 2004.  The flavor, the texture, the refined ratio of salt to potato… delightful!


Perhaps I am a potato chip snob, but the standard American grocery store potato chip purchase leaves me rather underwhelmed.  I find them to be too salty.  Usually, if you find a bag or two in my house it is because my husband wanted some snack foods.  Either that, or we just had a grill out with friends.

Tyrells Chips

My complaint about chips being too salty does not apply to Tyrrells Chips.  The chips that have a flavor other than salt are flavored quite nicely.  My personal favorite was the Mature Cheddar & Chives.  They had a strong taste of real cheddar, not generic processed cheese.  The Lightly Sea Salted Potato Chips were very delicate in their taste and you could still taste the potato (which I liked very much).  The Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper did not skimp on either the sea salt or the cracked black pepper; in fact, I have to say that they are the best “salt & pepper” style chips I have ever eaten.  My husband devoured the Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar and the Worcestershire Sauce with Sundried Tomato was surprisingly good.  I would have never thought of putting Worcestershire on a potato chip, but it works very nicely and goes great with a strong cheese.

Who would like this gift?

I have to admit that any anglophile will adore these.  So, any friend of yours who celebrates the birthday of “The Queen” every year with a complete tea service will love you forever for buying these for them.


If you are looking for something special to get your favorite cubicle mate, or a small token of your affection for your hairdresser, building security guard, or favorite study partner in college then a bag or two of these delightful chips would be a great choice!

I also recommend these as part of a gift basket.  Paired with some good beer, some cheese, cured meats, and a few gourmet candies these would go from a good gift to an outstanding gift.


Where to Buy

You can purchase these products and view their whole product line  by visiting Tyrrells Chips.


They are also available at Amazon.

EatSmart Precision Pro Scale

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

 Pro Scale Silver

Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  EatSmart Products supplied me with one EatSmart Precison Pro Digital Kitchen Scale for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.

Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  18+



             I have been a kitchen scale user for quite some time.  I’ve gone through two of them over the past 5 years (One met its unfortunate end by getting too close to a stove burner that I thought was cool…. It wasn’t and plastic kitchen scales will melt).  I really like kitchen scales for all that they can do and the EatSmart Precision Pro is no exception.  The Precision Pro is very versatile.  It can measure in pounds, ounces, grams and kilograms.  It has a tare feature that allows you to subtract the weight of any plate or container or reset to zero to add a second ingredient to your bowl.  And, at only 13 ounces, the Precision Pro is lightweight and very compact.  Don’t be fooled though, this scale is no lightweight (pun intended); it can weigh up to 11 pounds. 


            I use kitchen scales a lot while baking.  I have found that weighing ingredients yields more consistent products than measuring by volume.  And, a lot of my more “professional” cookbooks (and every European cookbook I own) give me the measurements by weight.  I also use my scale to help reduce the mess of cooking.  I have found that measuring everything into one bowl (and using the tare button to reset the scale between ingredients) has eliminated a lot of dirty spoons and cups. 


            I’m also a huge fan of using my kitchen scale as part of my “buy bulk to stay on budget” process.  Every month my husband and I make a trip to our local wholesale club and buy meat, produce, grains and other grocery related bulk purchases.  Then, when I get home, I use my scale to divide our purchases into useable sizes.  I know that every package of ground beef in my freezer is 1 pound and that each package of chicken is 1.5 pounds. 


This scale is very helpful at staying on a diet.  This scale makes it very easy to measure out exact portion sizes.  I am easily able to measure out 6 ounces of chicken or 56 grams of pasta.  So, when I prepare a meal for myself.  I know exactly how many calories I am consuming.    


            I recommend this Precision Pro scale as a gift for every baker, home chef or dieter in your circle of friends or family. 

 pro Scale

Five beautiful color and finish choices!            


Where to Buy


            Priced at $25, you can purchase the scale directly from their Website:    EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Scale   

            For my fellow Amazon shoppers, you can purchase a Precision Pro Scale here!     Amazon.com    




Muy Bueno

Muy Bueno

Three Generations of Authentic Mexican Flavor

By:  Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack, Veronica Gonzalez-Smith & Evangelina Soza

 Muy Bueno

Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  PR by the Book graciously supplied me with one copy of Muy Bueno for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.


Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  14+



I am ashamed to admit it, but, until this cookbook graced my door, I did not own a Mexican food cookbook.  I LOVE Mexican food, but have been a bit timid to jump off into the world of homemade tortillas and anything involving tripe.  But, more importantly, I did not have a teacher to teach me the ropes of Mexican cuisine.


That changed when I read this book.  The stories and teachings this book offer are excellent.  I felt like I was sitting down with a cup of tea for a good chat with an old friend.  I read stories of their memories and experiences and learned quite a bit about old-world northern Mexican cuisine, south of the border home-style dishes, and Latin fusion.  I also love that each recipe has a silhouette that denotes which generation the recipe came from.


I had a hard time choosing which recipe to try first.  Old-fashioned Mexican Oatmeal sounded warm and cozy, Stacked Red Enchiladas sounded like a nice challenge…  I decided that the Lentil Soup was calling to me the loudest.  And, I am soooo glad that I prepared this dish!

 muy Bueno Soup

            I love lentil soup.  It really is a classic dish.  I will come clean and tell you that I have always used canned lentils and have never cooked fresh or dried lentils.  I know, I know, tsk tsk on me.  The ingredients listed were simple and the directions easy to follow.  Like every other recipe in the book, there was a gorgeous color photograph telling me what I could expect as my end result.


I greatly enjoyed settling down for a movie with my son and a big bowl of this delicious soup.  My son, who is a soup lover, enjoyed his cup and asked for more.  I love it when I make a nutritious recipe that he will eat a second helping of!  I enjoyed that we had enough left over for two additional meals!


Who would like this gift?


Anyone who enjoys flavors of the Mexico will like this cookbook.


Where to Buy

Muy Bueno is currently available on Amazon,  Barnes and Noble, or Indie Bound .

The New Southwest

The New Southwest

By:  Meagan Micozzi of ScarlettaBakes.com

The New Southwest 

Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  PR by the Book graciously supplied me with one copy of The New Southwest for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.


Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  14+



My husband and I are fans of Mexican food.  We vacation there as often as possible.  But, the American versions we have tried all rely heavily on cilantro.  I don’t mind, but my husband finds cilantro to taste “soapy.”  He hates it so much that he has actually researched why it tastes soapy to him.


My husband looked through this cookbook expecting to automatically exclude half of them due to the use of cilantro.  He was quite surprised, and happy, to find that Micozzi does not rely on cilantro.  She uses parsley in its place because she too has found cilantro to be a divisive herb.


I had to wait quite a while to look the cookbook over myself.  My husband handed it to me and said “I want to make everything in here.”  After looking it over, I have to agree.  Every recipe looks amazing.  And, the variety in the recipes is exceptional.  Salsas, Sauces, Breads, Tortillas, Main Dishes, Grilled Items, Desserts, etc.


I chose to make Chile-Rubbed Pork Chops.  I have never made a pork chop quite like this.  I’m much more of a sauce covered pork chop kinda girl.  Or, I make sure to cook them with a fruit of some stripe.  These are not saucy or sweet.  They are dry rubbed with a chile based spice mix.  With it being freezing here in my part of the USA, I used my indoor grill plate.  I was nervous the entire time I grilled them.  Would I like them?  Would my husband like them?

 Southwest Cookbook Porkchops

The answer to both of these questions was a resounding “Yes!”  My husband told me that these are the best pork chops he has EVER had.  I have been instructed to not only make these again, but to also start cooking every recipe in this cookbook!


Who would like this gift?


Anyone who enjoys flavors of the Southwest will like this cookbook.  If you know someone who enjoys Mexican food and complains about the cost of eating out, or someone who likes flavors of California cuisine and can’t find a restaurant that specializes in it… this is definitely the book for them!

Where to Buy

The New Southwest is currently available on Amazon.comBarnes & Noble’s BN.com or IndieBound.

Way Basics Storage Cubes

Way Basics Storage Cubes

wAy Basics Options gREEN 

Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  Way Basics graciously supplied me with two White Box Storage Cubes and two sets of wheels  for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.


Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  18+



I recently became aware of a fantastic company called Way Basics.  They are  inspired to do things right and keep things simple. They believe in treating everyone as a friend, protecting the environment as if it was their home, and finding creative solutions to over complicated challenges. Way Basics has made a heartfelt commitment to contributing to those in need. Buying from Way Basics improves the world in other ways. They work with furniture banks and charities around the country by helping families in desperate need — victims of natural disasters who have lost everything they owned, women and children escaping from domestic violence, working families below the poverty line, and others requiring a hand up not a handout.


My heart melts when I read their blog and their stories.  And, they have created some amazing products.  They have created a board that they call ZBoard.  It is not made of wood chips like other products, it sustainably made from recycled paper.  They are toxin free, 100% recyclable, are 62% lighter than particle board and have a zero impact on our landfills (if recycled).  The icing on the cake is that the assembly of the storage units requires zero tools.  To put the doors on the storage cubes there are 4 screws, but, because I didn’t feel like digging thru my husband’s unorganized tool box,  I actually used a butter knife.

 WayBasics Box

Now, once they are fully assembled, they are light.  I thought they had to be almost unusable since they were so light.  By weight, they don’t seem sturdy.  But, then my toddler helped me test them out.  Their seeming sturdiness is deceptive.  My son has drug these all over the house.  They have been dropped down a few stairs, carried by a toddler, and packed full of toys.  My son even tried to climb in one!  Given his affinity for them, I think these boxes will find their permanent home in the den next to his train table.  If he will let them stay in one place, that is.  For now they are his “nuhcacker house.”

 Way Basics Options

            The boxes measure 13 inches in width, depth and height.  They would be perfect for organizing spices or cookbooks in the kitchen, toys in your children’s rooms, supplies or papers in your office, or shoes and misc storage in a closet.   I think it would be really neat to mix multiple colors and create a modern designed organization piece.


Who would like this gift?

Way Basics would make an excellent gift for the college student living in close quarters, people who tend to move frequently and need easily transportable furniture, or anyone who has expressed that they need to be better organized.


Where to Buy

You can purchase these products (they are $25 each) and view their whole product line  by visiting Way Basics. From now until 12/31/13, you can use Promo Code WBHOLIDAY2013  for 15% off.  Thank you, Way Basics!  .http://www.waybasics.com/home-storage.html

U Konserve/Kids Konserve Food Storage Solutions

U Konserve / Kids Konserve


 U Konserve

Reviewed by: Nicole


Note:  U Konserve / Kids Konserve graciously supplied me with one Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Cup, one Medium To-Go Container, and one set of Clear Large Food Kozy Wraps for review.  No other compensation was received.  The review in this post is honest and my own.


Gift Guide Age Recommendation:­  18+



I am always looking for ways to improve how I store and transport food.  I have attended meetings in friend’s homes to watch product demos and I walk thru the kitchen section of local stores frequently.  I’ve even been one to do random searches on Amazon to see what pops up.  When I find something that works, and works well, I tend to stock up.  And, yes, I am that lady who puts masking tape on my dishes with my name written upon it… just in case a co-worker dares to THINK that something in the fridge has been there long enough to claim it.


When U Konserve/Kids Konserve offered to send me samples of their lunch-packing and food-storage line, I was quite happy.  I think I may have even said “Woo-Hoo!”  They send me a Medium To-Go Container, a set of Clear Large Food Kozy Wraps and a Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Cup.  All of which are currently in my rotation of frequently used items.


The real show stealer was the Kozy Wraps.  I was confused by the concept, until I tried it.  Essentially, they are a circular piece of  LDPE #4 Plastic with Velcro closure.  You place your food item (sandwiches, fruit, veggies, etc…) in the middle and close the sides being sure to close the Velcro ends last.  I put a huge meatloaf sandwich in mine the other day and it still closed easily and stayed closed (without leaking any sauce) till I was ready to eat.  All I had to do was hand wash and dry the item to use again.  My sandwich was so secure I could have just placed the Kozy Wraped sandwich directly in my bag without worrying it would leak.  Oh, and for those who don’t want to dirty a plate, or are eating on public transit, the Kozy Wrap also functions as a place mat while eating.  I really like how functional they are!

U Konserve Sandwich to WrapU Konserve Sandwich







The Medium To-Go Container was the perfect size for a sandwich, a good serving of fruit, or an average portion of left-overs at a restaurant.  I’ve enjoyed packing crackers and cheese for my son, fruit for a morning snack, and a small salad in mine.  The lid is made of LDPE #4 Plastic and the container is stainless steel.  I hand washed the lid to keep the plastic away from high temperatures, but the stainless steel container easily goes into the top rack of my dishwasher.


I’ve also used the Stainless Steel Steel Coffee Cup many times since it arrived.  I like that the cup can be used for cold items or hot.  My ice water has stayed cold for hours in this cup.  I don’t know how long it will keep my coffee hot since my coffee never lasts all that long, but I do know that the outside of the cup has stayed cool enough for me to use it without the need for a coffee cozy.  I like that the lid is made of food grade silicon instead of plastic (again, I’m not a fan of exposing plastic to high temperatures).  And, I really like that I can make a latte at home and easy transport it with me.  Every trip I take my own from home is one less coffee cup going into a trash can.


Who would like this gift?

I would give U Konserve/Kids Konserve products as a gift to an office co-worker, the high school student preparing to leave for college, the young adult entering the work force, those already in the work force who “brown bag” it, and the parent who sends lunches with their kids to school.


I think it would be fantastic to give a set of U Konserve/Kids Konserve products as a larger gift, but you could easily give an item or two for a Secret Santa gift or Stocking Stuffer.


Where to Buy 

You can purchase these products and view their whole product line  by visiting Kids Konserve.

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