Fresh Basil Leaves

Fresh Basil
Fresh Basil

Want to learn the simple technique for slicing fresh basil?

Fresh basil is my favorite herb from the garden!  Now that summer is in full swing,  many of us are enjoying the bounty of fresh herbs and vegetables  from our garden.   Homegrown basil is a delicious addition to recipes but slicing one leaf at a time is tedious.  However, it is a simple process when you know the success secret!  Another word for slicing is Chiffonade  and you may hear chefs use that term as well.  Here is the step by step guide for creating those ribbons of bright green basil:

All you need to remember is

  • Stack
  • Roll
  • Slice

It’s that easy!

Wash the basil and pat dry. Remove the stems and stack the leaves on top of each other.

Stack The Fresh Basil Leaves
Stack The Leaves

Gently roll the leaves up into a tight cylinder.

Rolling the Fresh Basil Leaves
Rolling the Leaves

Continue rolling until you have a tight cylinder.

Roll the Fresh Basil Leaves Into a Tight Cylinder
Roll the Fresh Basil Leaves Into a Tight Cylinder

Next, slice them into thin slices that will create those ribbons.

Slice the Fresh Basil
Slice the Fresh Basil


The Slices of Fresh Basil Will Create Thin Ribbons
The Slices Will Create Thin Ribbons

Fresh basil adds a wonderful flavor and aroma to your dishes.  It’s best to either add it at the very end of the cooking time or just sprinkle it over each plate just before serving.  

This technique also works well with fresh mint leaves or fresh spinach.  

More Success Secrets

Remember, let’s Make Life Special by sharing great food with our family and friends!  Enjoy! 








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